Professional Forum

The BIAC 2021 Professional Forum has been maintained and expanded!

The fourth edition of the BIAC has had to adapt and transform after the restrictions put in place by the French government on 7 January 2021 that limit social and cultural events to combat the pandemic. After two years of planning and fine-tuning, the Archaos team profoundly regrets that the general public will not be able to attend events due to the health protocols. However, we are proud to maintain the Professional Forum and welcome professionals from across the cultural and circus sectors to better prepare for both the short-term and long-term future of the circus arts.

You can download the full program for the Professional Forum in the Pro Zone, or request a copy by contacting us at:

These meetings are only open for professionals working in the performing arts and cultural sector. Space is extremely limited this year, so we encourage you to register as early as possible to ensure a place on the official itineraries. 

Two featured sessions: 3 to 6 February & 10 to 13 February 2021

This edition of the Professional Forum will help maintain links between programmers and artists. This is essential so that in the future, shows can be shared with audiences, new creations can supported, and the performing arts can continue to function. The BIAC is highly aware of the challenges faced by all the stakeholders in the contemporary circus community and holding this Professional Forum is part of its commitment to supporting the entire circus sector.

This 4th edition of the BIAC has succeeded in preserving one of its fundamental missions: being a Biennial that fosters creation. Indeed, nearly half of the shows initially scheduled for this edition were world premieres. This commitment has now been taken up by the Professional Forum, which will present 21 premieres.

The Professional Forum will also be the occasion for debates and exchanges during six round tables that will address the following issues:

• the circus repertoire
• the female voice in the circus
• sustainable development and circus creation
• a focus on European cooperation with CircusLink*, the European mobility project coordinated by Archaos :
- Investing collectively in the recovery: European cooperation today
- Presentation of the CircusLink project
- CircusLink workshops: collaborative workshops for the development of the digital platform
- CircusLink workshops: collaborative workshops for the digital platform/continuation and restitution
- Rethinking mobility


Beyond the official itineraries, there will also be other shows and creations will also be presented to professionals between 21 January and 21 February. 

Session 1 – From 3 to 6 February 2021

Round tables :
- Towards Environmentally Responsible Management and a Circular Economy in the Contemporary Circus
- The Female Voice in the Circus : Do Woman Have a Writing of Their Own?
- The Circus Repertoire

Performances :
- Bakéké / Fabrizio Rosselli
- Cosmos / La Main de l’Homme – Clément Dazin
- Ether / Libertivore
- Jamais en retraite / Zania company
- Je suis Carmen / Attention Fragile
- Je tirerais pour toi / Collectif Merkén – Pamela Pantoja
- La 8ème balle / Cie ZeC
- Le lac des cygnes / L’Eolienne – Florence Caillon
- Parallèle 26 / Archaos and Sylvie Guillermin companies
- Passages / Alice Rende
- Presque parfait / Cie Pré-O-Coupé – Nikolaus
- Rapprochons-nous / La mondiale générale
- TAF / Les Hommes de mains
- Yin Zéro / Monad company
- Yin / Monad company

& the unveiling of the Périple 21 route / Collectif Protocole

& Les Flyings / Happés – creation presented outside of the Professional Forum itinerary


Session 2 – 10 to 13 February 2021 - Focus Europe by CircusLink
* The CircusLink project is co-funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union

Round tables (Roundtable accessible only via Zoom, registration required):
- Collectively investing in the recovery: European Cooperation today
- The CirckusLink Project: Presentation

- The CircusLink Project: Collaborative workshops to prepare the creation of the digital platform: continuation and restitution
- The CircusLink Project: Collaborative workshops to prepare the creation of the digital platform
- Seeking to Rethink Mobility

& screening of the documentary Skywalk above Prague

Performances (attented in person)
- L’avis bidon – Face A / Cirque la compagnie
- Le puits / Cie Jupon
- Little garden / Fabrizio Solinas
- Mute / Sôlta
- Parallèle 26 / Archaos and Sylvie Guillermin companies
- Viruta / El tercer Ojo (ETO)


These sessions are only available with prior registration.

To discover the complete program and to register, ask for your login codes to the Professional Zone by emailing