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The week of Professional Forum events has been planned in partnership with Arcade, the organization dedicated to live performance in the Sud region. Each day there are four itineraries to choose from. Each participant can create their own schedule by choosing from 12 round tables and conferences5 guided visits of exhibitions and installations, and 14 performances. The Professional Forum also includes numerous social events to facilitate networking and exchange. A specific meeting between festival programmers and circus companies is also planned.



At the FRAC contemporary art fund in Marseille
Wednesday 23 January
> 10:30am-12:30pm—Women and the Circus: the Challenges, the Issues, the Objectives
Organized by Archaos
How strong and inventive women are developing ambitious projects that are reinventing the modern circus.
> 4:30pm—"Un Cirque dans Ma Tête" ["A Circus in my Head"]/ Screening of a documentary followed by a discussion
Organized by Archaos
Thanks to the "Auteurs Solidaires" [Authors in Solidarity] program, a group of circus creators and writers embarked on a unique human and artistic project: working with disabled youth to create a circus performance.

At the La Friche Belle de Mai arts complex / Gyptis theatre in Marseille

Thursday 24 January
> 9:30am-11am, Friche Belle de Mai—Circus in Action(s): How to Move Beyond the Fractured Financing System to Restore the Value of the Artistic Act?
In partnership with Territoires de Cirque
In the framework of a project by Territoires de Cirque, this conference serves as a venue to exchange ideas and share experiences on programming and developing cultural events.
> 11:30am, Gyptis— "En équilibre" [In Balance] (52 min) / Screening
Documentary by Antarès Bassis and Pascal Auffray - With Victor and Kati from Cirque Aïtal - Coproduced by TS. Productions and France Télévisions / France 3 Occitanie - Prix du FIPA D’OR in January 2018.
Victor is a catcher, Kati a flyer, and together they form a hand-to-hand balancing duo... They are creatively inseparable, but then a child is born and the balance is thrown out of kilter…
> 2:30pm-4:30pm, Friche Belle de Mai—Circus Festivals: Models and Innovative Practices
In partnership with Artcena and the Institut Français
All circus festivals, both in France and abroad, exhibit both innovation and ingenuity when it comes time to reinvent or transform their economic models. What are the latest developments and what new trends will emerge in the future? What strategies can be deployed?
> 2:30pm-4:30pm, Friche Belle de Mai—A Green Approach to Live Performance: Examples from the Circus
In partnership with ICiMa (institute for innovation in the realms of circus and puppetry)
This open discussion invites participants to reflect on an environmentally friendly approach to live performances including such issues as recycling and waste treatment at the locations where festivals and circuses are held.

At the Tent Village on the Prado beach in Marseille

Friday 25 January
> 10:30am-12:30pm—Contemporary Circus, European Capitals of Culture, and Cultural Actors: Impacts, Transformations, and Perspectives
In partnership with Circostrada and Circus Next
In 2028, France will once again be home to the European Capital of Culture after already having hosted the event in Paris (1989), Avignon (2000), Lille (2004), and Marseille (2013). How to make the most of this opportunity? What best practices can we learn from? What are the issues and challenges for the contemporary circus sector?
> 10:30am-12:30pm—Legal Seminar: Royalties (event held at the Ecole Nationale de Danse de Marseille, a short walk from the beach)
In partnership with Artcena
Information workshop on administrative and legal procedures run by the lawyers Apolline Raffner and Rose Berthet.
Open only to professionals upon reservation at (limited places)
> 10am-12:30pm—Post Secondary Training for the Interdisciplinary Arts: Changes and Perspectives 
In partnership with Aix-Marseille University and the Théâtre Antoine Vitez
Today an interdisciplinary and transversal approach to the arts is favored at post-secondary institutions that teach stage, circus, and street arts. What are the issues at play and what are the challenges?
> 2:30pm-4:30pm— The BIAC: An Engine for Development Within the Territory
In partnership with Arcade
How has the creation of the Biennale des Arts du Cirque transformed both professional practices and public perception across the region?


At the Arcade performance arts development association in Aix-en-Provence
Saturday 26 January
> 10am-11:30am—The Authors and Creators of Today's Magic
In partnership with the Institut Français and the SACD creative copyright organization
The Magie Nouvelle movement is growing quickly. Its authors are developing a creative language where innovative writing and staging are pushing the boundaries of the discipline. How does this new form of magic fit into the world of contemporary performing arts? What are the latest innovations from the world of new magic? 
> 11:30am-1pm—The Act of Writing and the Circus Repertoire Around the World
In partnership with the Institut Français and the SACD
What type of evolutions and transformations is circus undergoing abroad? What are the joys and difficulties that arise when French artists collaborate with international artists? Perspectives, techniques, and objectives vary from one country to another, so the unique touch of an author and the circus repertoire of a country are often the starting point for new contacts and mutual creative growth.


At the La Friche la Belle de Mai arts complex in Marseille
Sunday 27 January
> 3:15pm-3:45pm—Launch of the French book "Poétiques de l’illusion, dialogues contemporains entre marionnette et magie" [Poetics of Illusion, Contemporary Dialogues between Marionnette and Magic", published by Alternatives Théâtrales, 2018
This work is the result of the Themaa national forum that was held in partnership with ICiMa (institute for innovation in the realms of circus and puppetry)
This work juxtaposes the testimony of illusionists and performers from different genres with that of intellectuals from the contemporary arts scene and specialists in the science of perception.

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