• 9th-13th February 2019

    Different locations, see dates and times for details

    Fréjus, Martigues,


  • Cirkus Cirkör


    Acrobatics, Balancing, Contortion, Dance, Cyr Wheel, Chinese Pole, Hair Hanging

  • 2h20
    Ages 10 and up

Dates and times

Intermission of 20 minutes

Epifonima © Fotoklarag
Epifonima © Fotoklarag
Epifonima © Fotoklarag
Epifonima © Fotoklarag



Epifónima, which means "exclamation" in Greek, is a natural extension of Tilde Björfors’s recent productions Borders, Limits, and Movements, which are all centered around the themes of boundaries, limitations, and migration. Here, the source of inspiration is women's voices, their creations, and their manner of organizing themselves. The models range from the goddess Ishtar to Hildegard von Bingen, from the Beguines to the Pockettidningen R, from Fatemeh Khavari to Tarana Burke.

They appear on stage like bona fide Amazons, in flesh and blood, thanks to portrayals by seven female circus artists with direction by Tilde Björfors and music by Rebekka Karijord. "In my practical and artistic work on borders," Tilde Björfors writes, "it became increasingly clear to me that the next step—and a decisive one in terms of meeting the challenges that the world is currently confronted with—consists of using values that are traditionally considered as 'feminine', that have up until now been treated as inferior, and to give them a superior standing." The result is a spectacular demonstration of how traditional hierarchies can be overturned.


Lisa Angberg, hand balancing and contortionism
Eirini Apostolatou, gymnast and dancer
Jonna Bergelin, costume designer
Kajsa Bohlin, acrobat and poet
Sarah Lett, acrobat, aerial silk and Cyr wheel
Lucie Maisha N'Duhirahe, aerial acrobatics
Ashtar Muallem, dancer and silk performer
Karolina Wojtowicz, Chinese pole, equestrian balancing


Direction Tilde Björfors
Composer Rebekka Karijord
Staging Joel Jedström, Fanny Senocq, Tilde Björfors, Jesper Nikolajeff
Light design Susana Hedin, Lumination of Sweden
Sound design Kajsa Lindgren, Marta Forsberg
Costume design Jonna Bergelin
Choreography Methinee Wongtrakoon

Epifónima is produced in collaboration with Östgötateatern and created both at the Cirkör House in Alby and in recidency in Norrköping Aug/Sep 2018.

Cirkus Cirkör is supported by: Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Läns Landsting, Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning, Botkyrka Kommun.

Transportation partner: Scania.

“Tilde Björfor’s performances are characterized by an increasingly powerful social commitment, with recurring messages of peace and justice.” Cecilia Djurberg, Sveriges Radio Kulturnytt (Swedish National Radio)

“The sparkling Cirkus Cirkör proved that it’s no longer just ABBA and IKEA who promote Northern Europe.” Le Soir, Belgium

“Cirkus Cirkör is perhaps the most superior ensemble within the dramatic art scene in Sweden today.” Kvällsposten, Malmö 

“… a new genre is born: contemporary circus activism.” Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s biggest morning paper. 

Cirkus Cirkör was founded in 1995 by Tilde Björfors, who has directed the majority of the company's productions (Limits, Knitting Peace, Wear It Like a Crown…) with the goal of changing the world through the prism of the contemporary circus and of establishing a foundation for this art form in Sweden. As with Wear It Like a Crown, she has entrusted the sound design to the Norwegian singer and composer Rebekka Karijord. Beyond creative performances, Tilde Björfors and Cirkus Cirkör also engage in activities such as providing residencies and support for the circus community, offering workshops in high schools, and conducting outreach programs that provide an introduction to the circus to more than 30 000 people every year.


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