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  • Johann Le Guillerm



  • Ages 6 and up

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A leap into the "circus brain" of an artist who dedicates all of his work to finding new systems for reading the world. He started out with little, with nothing, and invites us to discover how forms, movements, and balancing are created through the Imaginographes, funny machine-tools that come with a sometimes unsettling commentary. Here, we look, we touch, and we feel. And we quickly understand that what is essential is not the strict apprehension of a scientific process but the possibility to emancipate ourselves through an openness to knowledge and how it can feed our own point of view. 


This is the laboratory of a poet who aspires to a better understanding of the world. An Ali Baba's cave where for 15 years materials have become experience, then construction sites, then numbers or sculptures. Here, new ways of thinking about what surrounds us are tested in order to bring new light to the paths that we thought we had already deciphered. The Observatoire is the heart of the reactor belonging to an inventor with a 360° perspective.


Nature’s development follows its own particular movements, movements that are often invisible to the naked eye. Johann Le Guillerm took the time to watch the natural elements, paying attention to what animates them. Their vital energy is the foundation of our human activity. The Calasoif, the Tractochiche, and the Jantabuée are machines whose imperceptible movements invite us on a promenade through the passing time and the energies that are constantly in operation in this world, whether or not we are paying attention to them. Driven by the completely natural energies that push them forward, these three sculptures are the result of the experiences of an artist who seeks to understand both the visible and invisible worlds in order to reconstruct them on his level.  


La Motte is a funny little futuristic planet. All grassy edges and permanent revolution, it is driven by gravitational forces and energies that disrupt its inevitable trajectory. Sometimes it hesitates, seems to suffer an imposed movement, reels, remains in suspension for a moment, then sets off again toward its destiny, leaving tracks in its wake, imprinting its weight, all the while evoking the lines of its singular script. Monumental and hypnotic, the monster imposes its meditative attitude through its stretched temporality. Challenge or resistance to speed? Observable from all points, stubborn to analysis, it nonetheless opens our poetic and political imaginations up to infinite perspectives.

A coproduction by the Friche la Belle de Mai and Archaos, Pôle National Cirque Méditerranée

Imaginographes, Imperceptibles and Observatoire
Creation: Johann Le Guillerm
Sound Design: Guy Ajaguin et Yann Norry
Lighting Design: Hervé Gary
Technical Design: Silvain Ohl et Maryse Jaffrain
Calculation Studies and Notes / Architextures Construction Site: Sylvain Beguin
Manufacturing and Construction: Silvain Ohl, Maryse Jaffrain, Georges Matichard, Elvis Dagier,  Myriam Prijent, Didier Deret, LOUXOR Spectacle, Catherine Teilhet, Franck Bonnot
Management: Loëïz Le Guillerm
La Motte 
Creation:  Johann Le Guillerm
Sound Design: Guy Ajaguin et Yann Norry
Lighting Design: Hervé Gary
Technical Design and Setting into Motion: Mario Goffé
Studies: Philippe Gaudin - SUPMECA Paris, LATecis, École Centrale de Nantes, Bernard Chaperon
Construction: Mario Goffé, Ateliers SUD SIDE, Silvain Ohl, Maryse Jaffrain, DBI
Horticultural Lighting: Floraled
Management: Alexandre Ramdami

Johann Le Guillerm is a member of CNAC's first graduating class. He has worked with Archaos, has participated in the creation of the Volière Dromesko and co-founded the Cirque O. In 1994, he created his own company, Cirque Ici, and had a first solo show, Où ça?, which ran for 15 years. He won the Grand Prix National du Cirque in 1996 and the Prix des Arts du Cirque SACD in 2005.

In 2002, he embarked on Attraction, a research project that looks into balance, form, points of view, movement, and impermanence. Attraction smashes traditional circus disciplines to pieces. It revolves around a ring show (Secret), installations (La MotteImperceptibles, Sculptures en Mouvement, Les Architextures), self-supported sculptures (Imaginographes), and a performed conference (Le Pas Grand Chose, created in 2017). 

In 2013, he created La Déferlante for the Espace Chapiteau at La Villette in Paris, a long-term piece that joins the monumental work of Attraction. Since 2011, Johann Le Guillerm has received the support of the City of Paris, who also welcomed him as a resident artist at the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale.

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