• NoFit State Circus

    United Kingdom

    Cane balancing, Cyr wheel, limp wire, monocycle, acrobatic bicycle, hand to hand, antipodism, juggling, Chinese pole, acrobatics, swinging trapeze

  • 2h
    Ages 6 and up
    Under the big top
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Lexicon © Richard Davenport
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In 1768, English squire Philip Astley opened a circular theater dedicated to equestrian performances that mixed acrobatics and entertainment. In so doing, he invented the modern circus! Under a very British historical celebration of its circus heritage, the NoFit State Circus sets up a ring to perform Lexicon, the Art of Misbehaving.

Infused with a mad energy and accompanied by a group of musicians that swerve between rock, blues, reggae, and soaring melodies, Lexicon is half-way between an innovative performance and a celebration of the past, the present, and the future. Suspended structures, acrobatics, aerial flips, mobiles and objects, plays of shadow and light, a masterful scenography and technical performance that pushes the boundaries of the art to create an organized chaos that is disarmingly refreshing… The performance plays out at the border between the traditional and the contemporary circus.

Creative team
Direction Firenza Guidi
Creative production Camille Beaumier
Musical composition David Murray
Costume creation Rhiannon Matthews
Engineering Lyndall Murray et Tarn Aitken
Light creation Jean-Marie Prouvèze
Set design Nic Von Der Borch 
Video creation Liviu Pasare
Movement Joe Wilde

Artistic team 
Rigging, trapeze and swinging trapeze Lyndall Merry 
Rigging, clown, acrobatics Junior Barbosa 
Rigging, Cyr wheel, acrobatics Joachim Aussibal 
Juggling, Cyr wheel Luke Hallgarten 
Hand to hand, bicycle, acrobatics Luca Morrocchi 
Balancing, acrobatics Mathieu Hedan 
Unicycle Sam Goodburn
Flexible wire, aerial hoop Vilhelmiina Sinervo 
Antipodism Rosa-Maria Autio   
Double ropes, hand to hand Rosa-Marie Schmid 
Lifter, hand to hand Nicolo Marzoli 
Guitar, singing Conor Pelan 
Piano, accordeon, ukulele, percussions, harmonium, singing Lisa Savini 
Guitar, bass, clarinette, singing Molly Samson
Clarinette, accordeon, piano, singing Pauline Frémeau 
Singing and aerial hoop Blaze Tarsha 
Drums Simon Wall 

Technical team
Stage manager Libby Spencer
Tour manager Rebecca Davies
Tour producer Emma Cameron
Reception manager Tim Adam
Big top manager Hazel Bryan
Sound design Andy Whittal
Light management Sam Eccles
Builder Mike Alldred
Cook Alexandra Whittal
Costume assistants Blaze Tarsha, Fran Widdowson, Eleanor Tipler, Oska Howells
Reception and management assistant Cecilia Zucchetti

Created in partnership with The New Vic Theatre.
Supported by Arts Council England and The Arts Council of Wales.
Coproduced by Les Tombées de la Nuit, Archaos, Pôle National Cirque Mediterranée, Cirque Jules Verne, Pôle National Cirque and Arts de la Rue.

“A homage to circus that overflows with vitality.”
“Like a whirlwind, a breath of freedom blows under the big top.” Ouest-France

“Immense energy” France 3 PACA

“We love it. Not to be missed!” La Provence

NoFit State Circus is a company that has been based in Cardiff, Wales since its creation in 1986. It offers hands-on workshops and an opportunity for training while remaining a pioneer in the evolution of contemporary circus in the United Kingdom. Experts in large-scale performances and in aerial acrobatics, the company explores what it means to be human by mixing live music, theatre, and special effects in shows as gargantuan and anarchistic as they are technically masterful.

NoFit State Circus tours throughout the world, adopting the traditions of the traveling circus and creating a family-like atmosphere. After creations such as ImMortal (2003), MundoParallelo (2011), Barricade, (2011), BiancoNoodles (2013), and Block (2016), the troupe has now added an emblematic silver big top to the traditional structure of a ring and bleachers to provide another perspective onto the historical circus.


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