Directors > Guy Carrara and Raquel rache De Andrade
Deputy Director > Simon Carrara

Head of Administration > Anne Laure Alaguillaume
Corporate Relations > Francis Papazian
> Mathilde LeCain
Coordination Tent Village
> Olivier Colladant
> Claude Gasperini  
Logistics Officer > Maureen Pette
Public Reception Attaché Tent Village
> Claire Gouitaa
Public Reception Tent Village >
Gold-Dalg Carine, Pascal-Suisse Marina, Dégremont Julien, Sarkissiantz Alexandra, Duchemin Felix, Groulard Mathilde, Lenain Victor
Public Reception Théâtre du Centaure 
> El Amouri Noran, Di Majo Marion, Pain Alexandre, Viettro Valentina
Ticket Office
> Christophe Loiseau  
Operator, School and Social Group Ticketing 
> Mathilde Chevalley

Head of Communications > Gaëlle Bothé  
Head of Community Relations > Sophie De Castelbajac  
Professional Encounters Manager > Elsa Michon
Communication and Artistic and Cultural Actions Intern > Valentine Remels
Media Relations > Pascal Scuotto
Community Manager >  Célia Bénisty
Photographer > Jérémy Paulin
 > Marie Godfrin-Guidicelli

Technical Director > Hervé Bigey  
Technical Direction Assistant > Marylin Tognolli
General Manager and General Stage Manager > Jean-Yves Marion
Senior Light Manager > Laurent Blanchard
Senior Sound Manager > Hervé Rico
Site Manager > Sylvain Ricard, Jo Macera et Mathieu Rouquette

Catering > Epice & Possible

And all the technicians and volunteers involved in the Biennale!