The Zealot Programs - An informed and inquiring look at the performing arts experience

For an informed and inquiring look at the live performance experience

LEVELS: middle school, high school, CFA vocational training centers


The Zealot Programs [Parcours Zélés] are audience experiences structured around the shows that will be presented at BIAC 2023. They include insightful and creative educational content that expands the student-spectator's experience by introducing them to different experimental relationships with the work.


A class that wants to participate will sign up for the entire program, which includes four key moments:

- 1 activity prior to the show focused on the history of the circus and the development of its meaning: What are the characteristics of the circus? How can its history, its evolution, and its cultural inspirations enable the child or young adult to fully understand a contemporary circus show?

- 1 activity that involves a live performance venue: Whether in a theater, in a public space, under a big top, or in a school, the encounter with live performers is an experience in itself.

- 1 activity focused on the expression of one's experience as a spectator: "What did I see, feel, learn, imagine?"

- 1 activity focused on creativity: "How does a work of art inspire me and lead me to create a visual work?"


Dates: December 2022 to February 2023
Audiences: Middle and high schools from the Académie Aix Marseille
Partners: the DAAC artistic education delegation, the City of Vitrolles
Financial support: DAAC Aix Marseille, Pass Culture