Practical information

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The BIAC: An environmentally friendly festival

The Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque is committed to organizing a socially and environmentally responsible event. With each edition of the festival we embrace innovative new measures to ensure the BIAC remains a pioneer in sustainability. We work with diverse structures to address issues and to find the most ecologically and socially pertinent policies. We truly hope that the artists and audiences of the BIAC support our efforts to become a model for the modern festival.

Our 2019 initiatives

Recycling of waste and audience awareness programs including:
- Composting of food wastes;
- Elimination of disposable cups at the bar and the adoption of a deposit system for glasses. 

- Tent-sharing program involving multiple companies;
- A collective supply of technical material shared with other festivals
- Optimization of deliveries and shared inventory systems to reduce food waste. 

- Selection of a lower-energy heating system for the tents involving heat exchanges
- Printing documents on site to avoid delivery and using PEFC certified paper from sustainable forests

- Adoption of lighting systems that favor LED technology (the Tent Village is lit with 6 000 LED lights) 
- Selecting locations such as the Tent Village that are located in urban areas with good public transportation options
- Choice of food service companies that favor sustainable practices such as non-industrial foods, local products, and seasonal ingredients 
- Promotion of public transportation and car-sharing 
- Opting for sustainable communication practices

Tickets are neither taken back, nor exchangeable, nor refundable, except in the case of a cancellation. Extra charges may potentially be added to ticket prices. Justification for reduced rates will be requested at the entrance. Out of respect for the audience and the artists, we cannot guarantee access to the shows once performances have begun. 


As part of the high-alert Vigipirate plan "Alerte Attentat", all measures have been taken to assure the security of our audiences. We ask that you please comply to the instructions that will be given to you when you arrive, in particular during the security check at the entrance. Large bags and luggage are not permitted. We ask in advance that you help the security team by being cooperative and respectful. In order to minimize your waiting time et ensure that the performances can begin on time and in the best conditions, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the shows are set to begin.