A-Tripik création

  • CirkVOST


    [ BIAC Selection ] Acrobatic, Singing, Flemish Bar, Clown

  • 1h
    Ages 10 and up
    Under the big top


Make a reservation TARIFS /Plein : 20 € / réduit : 15 € / enfants -12 ans : 10 € Réduit (sur justificatif de - de 3 mois) : demandeurs d’emploi, RSA, étudiants, - de 25 ansCarte l’Attitude Provence acceptée Découvrir tous LES PASSOuverture du site 1h avant le début du 1er spectacleBUS n°83 arrêt La Plage + Bus de nuit n°583METRO Rond-Point du Prado puis bus n°19 arrêt La PlageVELO station Promenade Pompidou David, Prado Borély ou Mendès France Huveaune.Pensez au co-voiturage !


A structure that points towards the sky rises from a triangular stage. Can power be found at its peak? Three characters are obsessed with the question of power: power within politics, of course, but also the power of family, media, religion, spirit, and body... Confined within their angular scenery, Benoit Belleville, Jef, and Jan Naets interrogate the audience, make them part of the battle of wills playing out between the three protagonists. Calling upon polyphonic songs, acrobatics, and clown routines, each contender for power tries to win the upper hand and each of them is possessed by a battle that is ultimately an illusion.

Performing Artists: Benoit Belleville, Jef Naets, Jan Naets
Creative Overisght: Hedi Thabet
Touring Technician: Jofroi Smets
Clown Research: Maria Cavarretta
Music: Erik Wouters
Costumes: Recherches
Lights: Sarah Sankey

“CirkVOST, like the original version of any creation, is truly worth your time."  – Le Journal de Saône et Loire


CirkVOST is a contemporary circus company that was founded in 2007 and is based in La Grand Combe in the Gard department of France. The collective work of the company has resulted in two major creations – Épicycle and BoO – that are essentially built around aerial techniques used under the tent or in public spaces. These two shows, which are still on tour in France and abroad, bring together more than 15 artists and technicians of varied backgrounds who have all chosen to work with the Version Originale Sous Titrée (VOST) circus.

In 2015, the company began exploring new, smaller projects that involve other circus disciplines. This is the case with shows such as Trois Fois Rien, Émois, and A-Tripik. With the support of public agencies and professionals from the circus world, and through the work of Benoit Belleville, since 2016 the company has been associated with the artistic projects of the Pôle National des Arts du Cirque de la Verrerie d'Alès in the Cévennes. Involved in both the local and universal aspects of the circus, the CirkVOST collective is committed to defending the circus arts, notably in its itinerant versions where it embraces collective work, grand ideas, and aerial splendor.

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