Aux étoiles création



    Aerial and cosmic acrobatics

  • 45mn
    Ages 5 and up
© Elise Lebargy
© Elise Lebargy
© Elise Lebargy
© Elise Lebargy
© Yannick Perrin



Set in a poetic universe with a futuristic flair, Aux Étoiles! evokes our childhood dreams of astronauts, weightlessness, and adventures that play out in the infinite realm of space.

In the heart of an immense planetarium, two accomplices hang stars and planets to fill the space of the sky. Around a whirling cosmic machine, a sort of makeshift astrolabe, they accomplish their task as best they can, preparing for the big takeoff. They embark us on their adventures and acrobatic feats, spinning from the marvelous to the fantastic like improbable cosmic clowns with a wondrous sense of humor.

Fascinated by unusual apparatus, Cirque Hirsute has reinvented its acrobatics on monumental structures or objects that have been repurposed. This mischievous and whimsical story invites us to laugh and to question how our human condition plays out in the great galactic ballet.

Writing and directing assistance Gildas Puget "Chtou"
By and with
Damien Gaumet and Mathilde Sebald
Light design David Debrinay
Stage management Elise Lebargy
Costumes Lucas Paddeu and Clémentine Chevalier
Construction Pierre Garabiol 
Electronics Yann Bernard
Production, distribution Cécile Bellan / Acolytes

Production Cirque Hirsute, Association du Boulon Manquant
Support the Drôme Departmental Council, the Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes Regional Council, and DRAC Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes
Coproductions Maison des Arts de Créteil et du Val de Marne (MAC) // the Scène Nationale d'Albi (SNA) // Le Festival Les Élancées // L'Esplanade du lac - Divonnes les Bains // La Cascade national circus center
Artistic residencies Les Aires - Théâtre de Die et du Diois/Die // La Gare à Coulisses - Eurre // La Maison de la Musique - Cap'Découverte, Carmaux // Espace Culturel de Saulce // La Griotte // Quai des Arts, Rumilly // La Cascade national circus center

Cirque Hirsute was created in 2006 by Mathilde Sebald and Damien Gaumet, who both trained at the ESAC circus school in Brussels. It has developed an original style that mixes traditional circus concepts with more contemporary writing that is rich in humor and poetry. The artists add touches of the unusual, the sweet, and the biting to their technical virtuosity, and they are ingenious in the manner they find new uses for objects and they develop new types of apparatuses. Each show offers an original universe that can be baroque, dreamlike, or fantastical.

The company's past shows include Toccata (2009) that could be performed in the street or at venues; the street performance Le Blues de la Mancha (2012); Bal Caustique (created in 2006, revived in 2014); and the street performance Les Butors (2014), which is still touring. Aux étoiles! is an indoor show created in 2021 and is currently touring.



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