• Fabrizio Rosselli


    Clowning & bucket performance

  • 50mn
    Ages 6 and up
© Le dandy manchot
© Le dandy manchot
© Le dandy manchot
© Charlotte Moreaux
© Stefano Scheda



Wearing a black coat and a straw hat, a daring clown character creates multiple geometric constructions by maneuvering buckets. Obstinate in the face of the impossible, this gentle dreamer offers us a playful and absurd vision of his obsession. When the unexpected happens, the buckets become objects to be played with and reinvented, which opens the door to a bizarre and dreamlike world.

Even if the failures continue to mount, he never stops bouncing back. With limitless optimism and unbounded generosity, his mistakes become the starting point for new experiences.

Will his ambition lead him to confront his limits? As a metaphor for our lives, Bakéké questions our capacity to face failure and recover from it.

A deceptively absurd and deliciously poetic philosophical tale.

"Bakéké" means "bucket" in the Hawaiian language.

By and with Fabrizio Rosselli
Outside perspective and help with staging Etienne Manceau
Artistic collaboration Pierre Déaux, Christian Coumin and Giorgio Bertolotti
Head of production & distribution Claire Thevenet
Administration & production L'Astragale
General technician Hélène Couet-Lannes 

Coproduction the Groupe Geste in Bagnolet / Archaos national circus center / the Théâtre des Franciscains in Béziers / the City of Billom

Residencies La Grainerie circus and traveling arts center in Balma / Le Lido circus arts center in Toulouse / Le Grain à Moudre performing arts center in Samatan / Bouillon Cube (Causse de la Selle) / La Cascade national circus center in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes-Bourg St. Andéol / Art Ensemble - Cherche Trouve - Cergy-Pontoise / Ax Animation cultural center in Ax-Les-Thermes / the Espace Bonnefoy in Toulouse / the Espace Marcel Pagnol in Villeneuve-Tolosane / the Moulin de l’Etang in Billom / the Théâtre des Franciscains in Béziers 

Support Departmental Committee for the Haute-Garonne, Occitanie en Scène.

"The gestures are precise, the gags are full of surprises, and they're poetic too."

– Télérama

"Bakéké (...) shows, without words but with crazy energy, the value of failure."

– Sud Ouest

"An endearing character who, constantly confronted with failure, always goes back to work, searching for a humanly impossible perfection."

– Le Clou dans la Planche

Fabrizio was born on November 1, 1975, on a rainy day in the Alps. He spent his childhood running in the fields near his home, playing soccer, and watching cartoons. After trying his hand at being a pizza maker and a postman, he discovered the joy of juggling at the age of 26 and decided to devote his life to the art.

In 2001, he trained at the Carampa circus school in Madrid, then at the FLIC circus school in Turin. Over the following ten years, he participated in workshops to develop his clowning art and performed at street art festivals. 
In 2012, he arrived in Toulouse, and after completing his third year at the Le Lido circus school, he created the BettiCombo company. This company became the platform for his artistic experiences and facilitated encounters with the circus network in Europe. At the same time, he organized research laboratories at circus training centers that focused on manipulating objects and clowning.
 BettiCombo represented a significant moment in Fabrizio's career, and he participated in renowned events such as the Cirque de Demain festival in Paris, where the company won a prize that earned them recognition and enabled them to launch an international tour.



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