• Cirque Rouages


    Acrobatics and balance

  • 40mn
© Julien Athonady
© Laurent Nembrini



Two men in motion, either in balance or falling, are... migrating. On their backs, a rough wooden box, heavy as their past, empty as their future. Without a word, they defy the laws of gravity and dance to the rhythm of this box. Their bodies speak, danger threatens, but the risk-taking is joyful and triumphant. In this manner, they trace their path to a new life, with the light step and casual attitude of young people full of strength and hope, and they take us along on their odyssey.


Performance organized with the R.I.R. network within the framework of the regional street and circus arts season that is supported by the Sud Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Region (main partner) and the Ministry of Culture and Communication through the DRAC PACA cultural agency.

Collective creative work based on Bilal, Sur la route des clandestins by Fabrizio Gatti
Original idea Émilien Agate

Playwriting and directing Élodie Cercleux

Acrobats Émilien Agate, Florent Finot

Musical composition and interpretation François Guillemette, Mael Oudin

Scenography Clément Agate

Production Marie Delor

Administration Stéphanie Buirette

With financial support from Grand Est Region  

Public partners the Grand-Est Regional Council and the La Meuse General Council 

Coproduction and residency Théâtre Transversales national circus theater in Verdun.

Residencies the 37ème Parallèle cultural creation space in Mettray / La Grainerie de Balma cultural center / La Transverse creative space Corbigny 

Support the Mémo creative space in Maxéville / La Grange Aussibal in Saint-
Julien-en-Vercors / the Bussières community agglomeration / the Hangar Saboté performing arts theater in Sarzeau / Azul Bangor collective.

Le Cirque Rouages is a performance collective founded and co-directed by nine passionate artists, technicians, musicians and builders, all of whom wish to get their cogs turning to create an artistic mechanism that is poetic, musical, and physical.

Today, the circus collaborates with about 30 other artists and associated technicians. The company's creative process is based on mechanical staging and circus movements that incorporate dancing, mime, and live music.

With performances that are mostly done either in the street or under tents, the Cirque Rouages is dedicated to making their shows accessible to all audiences. This commitment is based on the desire to mark the imagination of each person and to create, as Roland Gori evoked in his book Un monde sans espri: La fabrique des terrorismes, "collective dreams that each person appropriates and shares with others to move from the I to the we."


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