• Libertivore


    Acrobatics, hand-to-hand, aerial dance, Chinese pole

  • 1h30
    Ages 8 and up


€3 - €20

© Jérémy Paulin


Brame explores the theme of love and attempts to love and be loved through the multiple rituals of seduction that are inspired by nature, the modern world, and our social codes. From the mating parades of animals, flowers, and humans to the serenades and love poems, this work considers the panoply of clever and sometimes extravagant strategies that are deployed to be seen, accepted, and, especially, desired. What awkwardness do the bodies and spirits feel in regards to this loving feeling? What palette can be used to properly adorn oneself? Fusional love, carnal love, passion, friendship, brotherly or family love, but also self-love, without forgetting our unavowable desire to be loved by the audience.

More information

Writing, choreography, and set design Fanny Soriano
Performers Antonin Bailles, Hector Diaz Mallea, Erika Matagne, Nilda Martinez, Joana Nicioli, Johnson Saint-Felix, Laura Terrancle, Céline Vaillier
Music Grégory Cosenza
Lights Thierry Capéran
Scenography consultant Domitille Martin
Choreography collaboration Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot
Set construction Géraldine Blin
Construction Sylvain Ohl and Johanne Bailly
Choreography assistance Noémie Deumié
Stage and technical manager Vincent Van Tilbeurgh
Costumes Romane Cassard



Production Cie Libertivore Coproduction Archaos - national circus center - Marseille / Théâtre Jean Lurçat national theater of Aubusson / Waves Festival and Cantabile 2 / Pôle Arts de la Scène / Théâtre Durance - national theater for art and creation - Cultural development center / Le Carré national theater of Château-Gontier / Théâtre Jean Arp, Clamart / ACB Scène nationale Le Théâtre - Bar-le-Duc / Créteil – Maison des Arts / Scènes & Cinés – national theater for art in the territories / Théâtre Molière - Sète, national theater for Sète and the Thau area Support La compagnie Libertivore is recognized by DRAC PACA. National creative grants from the DGCA / Production support from the Région SUD / Operational support and project support from the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council / Production support from the City of Marseille

Fanny Soriano is an associate artist at the Théâtre Jean Lurçat national theater in Aubusson

The Libertivore circus company was founded in 2005 by Fanny Soriano and Jules Beckman. Together, they created the show Libertivore. After, Fanny Soriano took the company's reins alone and developed shows that mixed circus and dance and were enriched with research into organic matter and the material, malleable, and metamorphic character of the body. She created Ether in 2012 and then a triptych dedicated to nature composed of Hêtre (2015), Phasmes (2017), and Fractales (2019).

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