• Marta Torrents


    acrobatics and dance

  • 55mn
© Martha GC
© Martha GC
© Martha GC
© Francis Rodor



Two men, two women… When their bodies come into contact, micro-stories of life are born. It becomes a type of emotional race that evokes the complexities of sensations, conflicts, and desires, one that vacillates between moments of sharing and times of solitude, between laughter and despair, between the soaring flights and tragic shipwrecks of the human soul.

Drawing upon theater, dance, and acrobatics for her writing, Marta Torrents takes an unorthodox approach to physical grace and prowess. She chisels the agility of the bodies, emphasizes their fragility to the point it almost overflows, and identifies a subtle emotional palette that strives to bring out the intensity in the details of the gestures, often by accentuating the invisible interstices between movements.

With Brut, she embraces an intuitive and spontaneous approach to creation where the body surrenders itself to primitive emotions, revealing art in its rawest state, rough but also full of sensitivity.

Staging Marta Torrents
With Jonathan Frau, Georgina Vila Bruch, Anna Von Grünigen, Nicolas Quetelard
Playwright Marion Guyez
Sound design Boris Billier
Light design Alrik Reynaud
Sound and light technician Alrik Reynaud
Distribution Cécile Bellan / Acolytes

Production Acolytes
Coproduction and residencies CIRCa national circus center / Pronomade(s) national center for the street arts / La Verrerie national circus center
With the support of Compagnie 111 – Aurélien Bory / La Nouvelle Digue in Toulouse / La Grainerie in Balma / La Cave coopérative / the Baro d'Evel company / La Cascade national circus center / Theater op de Markt in Neerpelt, Belgium / Espace Catastrophe in Brussels
In conjunction with DRAC Occitanie, Region Occitanie, City of Toulouse.
Project benefited from the creation fund of the cross-border project De Mar a Mar, which is cofunded by the ERDF.
Programming supported by Occitanie fait son cirque in Avignon 2020 / La Verrerie / La Grainerie / CIRCa / Esacto'Lido. Further support from Region Occitanie, the Toulouse metro area, the Alès agglomeration, and Grand Auch.

"This stunning performance indistinctly and happily blends dance, acrobatics, and theater to create an instrument of revelation for the bodies of the performers and the emotions they contain. Vibrant, colorful, and powerfully expressive, this show offers a beautifully emotional journey that is also wonderfully appealing to the eye."


Marta Torrents is a Spanish actress and acrobat who currently lives in Toulouse.

She began her search for a physical and corporal approach to the dramatic arts at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, then began training in acrobatics at the Rogelio Rivel circus school. Seeking to combine circus, dance, and theater to transcend traditional technical and performative notions, she entered the Lido circus arts center in Toulouse. With Pau Portabella, she founded the company Fet a Mà and created the shows Swap in 2010 and CRU in 2013. She then collaborated with the Cie d'Elles and the Cridacompany before starting her own company. Brut represents the first time she has left the stage in order to direct her own production.

This performance was programmed within the framework of the Occitanie Fait Son Cirque program in Avignon.