• Geneviève de Kermabon


    Circus and puppetry fresco

  • 1h15
    Ages 8 and up
© Christophe Raynaud de Lage


Through the incredible journey of Céleste, an aging circus artist, we witness the tragic-comic destiny of the traditional circus and the birth of the contemporary circus. The older artists force the young Céleste to embrace the circus of their youth... She is in turn fascinated, frightened, and amazed by these terrifying stories where acts of bravery propel ferocious beauty to its very limits… Céleste transports us in the whirlwind of her distorted and sublimated memories that she has extracted from the tangles of her distant past: colorful horses, gigantic elephants, roaring and leaping wild beasts, an extravagant trainer...

Concept and direction Geneviève de Kermabon 
Performers Joe Sheridan, Geneviève de Kermabon, Simon Martin, Patrick Vilet
Scenography and costumes Laurence Forbin 
Originale Stéphane Leach, Pierre Ragu 
Daunting trainer Joe Sheridan 
Old equestrian Geneviève de Kermabon 
Young acrobat Simon Martin 
Film, lyrical singer Patrick Vilet 
Lighting technician Célio Ménard 
Bestiary construction Olivier Sion
Illustrations Laurence Forbin


Production Le Ksamka Coproductions Archaos, Pôle National Cirque / Théâtre du Soleil / Maison de la Culture d’Amiens / Pôle Cirque Cherbourg / Académie Fratellini / Temal Productions / Support from the DRAC Ile de France

"She has never ceased to amaze us with her cheekiness and here she pays a mischievous, poignant, and poetic tribute to the traditional circus.”

– Télérama

Geneviève de Kermabon has always led the double life of a director and an acrobat. Whether she's a street acrobat to earn a living, a trapeze artist at the Magic Circus, the director of Freaks, Così fan tutte or Richard III, or the creator of the vampire musical Grand cabaret de la peur that was presented at the Avignon Festival, she never ceases to surprise us.

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