Charivari création

  • NoFit State Circus

    United Kingdom

    Circus melting pot

  • 12mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air
Charivari © Maike Schulz


Programmed by Lieux Publics (Marseille)

The NoFit State Circus and the troupe decided to take advantage of their presence in Marseille to create an especially tailored performance for Sirènes et Midi Net that lasts...12 minutes. While still creating major shows, in this instance the company has left its tent behind and taken its acrobats, jugglers, and aerial artists to the square in front of the opera house in downtown Marseille. On the day of this event, in front of a spectacular backdrop, everybody in the audience will end up holding their breath for 12 minutes and then, like a mirage, the backdrop will disappear and in its place will appear a whirlwind of circus performers, until they too disappear and leave the square empty and ready to return to its role as a public space.

Sirènes et Midi Net is an arts association that has been devoted to creating cultural and social events in Marseille since it was launched by the Lieux Publics public art center in 2003. On the first Wednesday of every month, it holds public events so that art fans and lovers can embark on a festive and unique journey in the space of a lunch hour.

Artistic director and staging Firenza Guidi
Production and artistic direction Tom Rack
Artists from the NoFit State Circus 

Coproduction Lieux publics and NoFit State

Special Thanks to the Opéra de Marseille.

Lieux Publics — the French national center for the street arts and European production interest — is recognised by the Ministry of the Culture, the City of Marseille, the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council, and the Bouches-du-Rhône Departmental Council. Lieux Publics runs IN SITU, a European platform for artistic creation in public spaces. The ACT project (2016-2020) is financed with the support of hte European Commission (Europe Creative program).

"An homage to circus that is overflowing with vitality... Like a vortex, a wind of freedom sweeps through the tent." Ouest-France

"A ten-fold burst of energy." France 3 PACA

"Not to be missed, we adore it." La Provence

The NoFit State circus company was founded in 1986 and from its base in Cardiff, Wales it offers workshops and training in the circus arts. To this day, NoFit State Circus is at the vanguard of contemporary circus creation in Great Britain. Specialized in the major circus and aerial arts, the company examines the human condition using a mixture of live music, theatre, and special effects for colossal shows that are both anarchic and technically masterful. NoFit State Circus is constantly evolving and, in the grand tradition of travelling circuses, it tours the world with an ever-changing cast of performers and technicians. After creating such performances as ImMortal  (2003), Tabù (2008), Mundo Parallelo (2011), Barricade (2011), Bianco (2013), Noodles (2013), and Block (2016), the troupe has now installed a traditional performance space (rings and tiered seating) inside its famous silver tent in order to present another perspective upon the historical format of the circus.


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