Création in Situcréation

  • Ludor Citrik


    Clown, theatre, performance

  • 1h30
    Ages 10 and up
@ Jeff Humbert


Ludor Citrik is reinventing the notion of performance by composing an in situ creation at the end of an immersive residency and the myriad of encounters it generated at the 3 bis f contemporary arts center.

“What will happen with the people in the stands on the day of the performance? How much light should reach the darkness where the audience is seated? How can we foster conditions that allow for influence, osmosis, contagion, and echoes? By infusion, by jostling, by rubbing elbows? The objective? To create tales and fables from an encounter, an impregnation, an immersion.” – Cédric Paga

Creation and performance Cédric Paga


Production Archaos national circus center Support 3 bis f contemporary art center in Aix-en-Provence / ONDA national office for artistic distribution in Paris 

After a smurf-dancing childhood and a detour into the humanities, Cédric Paga plunged into the performing arts as a versatile actor-dancer and a master of the masquerade. Among the masks available to him were teacher, researcher, lecturer, praxeologist, songwriter, and visual artist. At the beginning of the century, he created a clownish and buffoonish creature called Ludor Citrik and this character became the basis for a range of performance experiments. So far, 11 premeditated shows have been written and there have been a plethora of instantaneous, contextual, and extemporaneous performances.

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