Des sabots et des ailes création

  • Troupe du Théâtre des Calanques



  • 1h20
    Ages 5 and up
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In France, a turbulent child is warned to "Stop making a circus".

So let’s take the flip side of this appeal for calm, let’s make a circus of joyful disorder, of messiness, and, why not, with a little melancholy too.

This is precisely what has been created with Des sabots et des ailes [Hooves and Wings], a show where you are free to daydream, to wander, and to invent a fantasy. It is a strange, naive, and bombastic mix of circus and theater stories where poetry blows and you can witness the pleasure of an unreasonable and motley partnership between heaven and earth that is funny, musical, and crazy.

Strange beings appear, transform, and then move on, like the thread of a chaotic life where emotions are jumbled up, where past and present mingle in an insomniac ball. It’s a child’s dream and an adult’s dream as this imaginative performance invites audiences of all ages to share the same nocturnal and magical fable.

This is also the circus that you make for yourself, during those moments between waking and sleeping, when daytime impressions gradually give way to the phantasmagoria of dreams, and you are absorbed by jubilant, surprising, and madcap images that are sometimes tinged with the blues.


Staging Serge Noyelle
Text Marion Coutris
Music Marco Quesada
With Marion Coutris, Jeanne Noyelle, Camille Noyelle, Lucas Bonetti, Otto Camara, Claire Nouteau, Vincent Maggioni, Thibault Theyssens, Grèg Miège, Noël Vergès
Musicians Magali Rubbio, Marco Quesada, Patrick Cascino 

"Des sabots et des ailes invites audiences of all ages to get lost (...) in aerial reveries."

– La Provence

The Théâtre des Calanques company is led by Marion Coutris and Serge Noyelle. They came to Marseille in 2007 with a portable wooden circus tent after having spent 23 years in Paris, where they created and managed the Théâtre de Châtillon. This officially recognized theater is known for its innovation in contemporary creation, dance, and theater, and it is also the founder of one of the first street art festivals in the Paris area.

Under their guidance, the Théâtre des Calanques – formerly the Théâtre Nono – creates artistic projects that use inventive ways of attracting new audiences. This includes fostering new forms of writing, using convivial techniques to welcome people to the theater space, and participating in original joint productions with international partners in places like China, Russia, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.

The company's work is based on the principle of creative interactions, and they nurture this process with a permanent writing laboratory led by artists who are exploring complementary fields of interest.

Based on poetic reflections, physical experiences of space, and a commitment to surrealism, the theater juxtaposes scenography, musical composition, text, and dramaturgy to constitute a body of theatrical research that strives to develop new modes of interacting with audiences and to develop universes imbued with a visual radicalism.

From land-art to opera, from choreography to circus, from street theater to intimate artistic encounters, the company is continually seeking to create new aesthetic bridges that allow audiences to travel, to discover, and to embrace new perspectives.

The company also maintains a strong international presence by performing its unique shows at leading festivals and theaters worldwide, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Brussels, Valladolid, Netherlands, and Ireland.