• TUE 24 JAN - SAT 4 FEB

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    , Miramas,


  • PPCM Productions



  • 1h
    Ages 6 and up


€4 - €40

© Irvin Anneix et Helene Combal-Weiss


Assembled around three trampolines and a multi-plane structure, six acrobats both explore and pay tribute to their discipline. As witnesses to their complicity, the audience is invited to share their trajectories, from the exhilarating lightness of the flight to the uncompromising physical laws that makes them return, inexorably, to the canvas. By questioning gravity, weight, suspension, and changes in the state of the body, the acrobatic composition becomes a language that helps evoke the intimate foundations of the circus: the art of flight and risk-taking, an embrace of fragility and utopia. Esquive [Dodge] is an invitation to contemplate humanity's desire to soar and to experience its continuous efforts to escape from the fall.

Staging Gaëtan Levêque
Choreography Cyrille Musy
Artistic collaboration Sylvain Decure
Performers Rémi Auzanneau, Hernan Elencwajg, Aris Colangelo, Tanguy Pelayo, Baptiste Petit, Hugo Couturier
Musical creation Maxime Delpierre
Light design Jérémie Cusenier
Technical direction and light design Pierre Staigre
Stage manager Antoine Petit
Sound technician son Simon Masson
Costumes Mélinda Mouslim
Scenography Gaëtan Levêque
Construction Sud Side
Production and distribution Virginie Moy


Production Le plus petit cirque du monde Coproductions Théâtre les Gémeaux national theater for Sceaux / Le Manège national theater for Maubeuge / Le Palc - Châlons en Champagne / Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque in Normandy - La Brèche – Cherbourg / Collectif AOC Residencies le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde – Bagneux / Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque  / Le channel – Calais / Théâtre les Gémeaux / Le Palc

"Gaétan Levêque has written a true acrobatic ballet. Esquive is an ode to freedom and a  tribute to the trampoline, an apparatus he has been exploring for more than 20 years."

– Relikto

Trained at the ENACR circus school and then at the CNAC national circus center, Gaëtan Levêque is one of the pioneers of the renaissance of the trampoline. After his circus training, he founded the Collectif AOC, which he co-directed for 19 years. In 2011, he joined Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde to coordinate international projects, and six years later, he became the head of the artistic division.

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