• Les Acrostiches


    Gyropodic circus (but not only)

  • 1h05
© Guillaume Fraysse
© Guillaume Fraysse
© Guillaume Fraysse
©Frederic Leme Leguevin



You have probably already encountered people perched on curious electric unicycles. They are gyropods.

The Acrostiches have decided to make them the focus of their artistic research and to adopt them as a proper circus apparatus. And they succeeded in the challenge of transforming this individual, stable, quiet, and relaxing means of transportation into something collective, uncontrollable, dangerous, exhausting... and highly amusing for audiences and onlookers everywhere!

They will stop at nothing to ensure our delight: going up and down, attempting pirouettes and hovering moves, climbing on top of their devices in a line or balancing on their hands, adding floors… it all combines to form an abundance of humor, ridicule, risk, inventiveness, half-baked solutions, and utter balderdash.

And all this with the customary devotion, of course.

The new show by the Acrostiches is more cutting edge than ever with the off-road use of these gyro transporters! Extremely acrobatic and with a sense maybe somebody is at the wheel, this vertiginous performance will thrill audiences on all levels.

Co-authors Philippe Copin, Christian Coumin, Christophe Leseure, Guillaume Montels, Michel Navarro, Kimberly Scully
Original music Christophe Leseure
On stage Philippe Copin, Christophe Leseure, Guillaume Montels, Michel Navarro, Kimberly Scully
Light technician Vincent Guillet
Sound Jean-Pierre Vazquez

Support for creation Departmental Council for the Haute-Garonne / City of Toulouse
Coproduction La Cascade national circus center for Ardèche-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes in Bourg-Saint-Andéol
Backing SMOLT & Co, specialist in hoverboards and electric unicycles in Aucamville / Mobilityurban

The Acrostiches compagnie is in permanent residence at the La Grainerie circus and street arts center in Balma.

The Adami artists rights agency manages and advances the rights of performers in France and around the world. It also provides financial support for the creation and distribution of their projects.

The Acrostiches created their company in 1994 and set themselves the goal of defying gravity in every sense of the word.

From the beginning, Acrostiches and its performers Dangelo, Dimitri, and Jak, defy classification. They use circus techniques but inject them with a comedic flair. Their range of circus disciplines includes acrobatics, acrobatic lifts, juggling, and balancing, and they also add styles such as comedy, clowning, singing. With Octave's arrival in 2004, an outstanding percussionist and out-of-the-ordinary musician, the Acrostiches found perfect harmony.

Thanks to their artistic versatility and humorous approach, the company has conquered a large and ever-growing audience in France and further afield!


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