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  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up


Free with reservation

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The clown named  Fissure is a virtuoso when it comes to errant errors. His body is like an accident, his gestures do not belong to him, he catches things like illnesses. He sets a trap, a terrible one, and just after, he falls into it. Fissure never foresees anything but the unforeseeable. Fissure learns nothing, understands nothing. He lives in the moment, a victim of his irrepressible impulses. Fissure is a fiction that plays with itself. A symbol of all mistakes, he commits them all, systematically, the most common as well as the most unimaginable. He is at the same time worse than everyone else, and more similar than anyone else.

Writing and staging Camille BOITEL and Sève BERNARD
Original idea, scenography, and performance Camille BOITEL
Game and object manipulation Juliette WIERZBICKI
Stage management Audrey CARROT, alternating with Kenzo BERNARD
Light design Étienne CHARLES, alternating with Lionel USANDIVARAS
Set construction Vincent GADRAS
Accessoires L’immédiat, Guillaume BÉGUINOT and Margot CHALMETON, with the help of Franck  LIMON-DUPARCMEUR, Maxime BUROCHAIN, Sylvain GIRAUDEAU,  Hervé VIEUSSE and Louise DIEBOLD
Thanks to Christophe CHARAMOND, Thomas MARECHAL, Denis BRELY
Costum creation Caroline DUMOUTIERS, Nathalie SAULNIER and Lucie MILVOY
General technicianStéphane GRAILLOT
Administration, production, distribution Elsa BLOSSIER
Head of production Agathe FONTAINE


Production L’immédiat Coproduction Équinoxe national theater in Châteauroux / Bonlieu national theater in Annecy / Le Vellein in Isère / Trio...S territorial circus theater / Plateforme 2 Pôles Cirque en Normandie - La Brèche à Cherbourg and theCirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf  / Seine-St Denis Departmental Council / City of Romainville / La Cascade national circus center in Ardèche Auvergne Rhône-Alpes / Archaos national circus center / Le Pôle nationally recognized theater Support SAMOVAR (Bagnolet) / Théâtre de Grasse Residencies Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Paris / Compagnie Les Plastiqueurs / Ferme des 2 Lions, Canteleu / La Martofacture

“It’s crazy and magical at the same time, like those moments in children’s games where nothing is against the rules and everything that fails, breaks, or falls down isn’t a cause for drama but instead laughter.”


L'Immédiat is the name of a show that didn't want to have a name, and which finally gave its name to a circus company. For more than ten years, the Compagnie L'Immédiat has never stopped inventing new artistic approaches for engaging with the audience that can be experienced in shows such as La Lévitation réelle, La Jubilation, Le Poids des choses, Lancés de chutes, Fissure, and L'Art de la précarité.

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