• Libertivore


    Acro-dance, acrobatic lifts, aerial movements

  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up
© Loïc Nys Sileks


Within a universe in constant mutation, five individuals shine. Mixing the language of circus and the movement of dance, they use lifts and aerial acrobatics to accompany the slow metamorphosis of the environment that they are an integral part of. At times body-objects and at times body-actors, they confront the organic matter, support it, evade it, collide with it, or melt into it... Like fractals, nothing here has a beginning or an end, but is instead part of a continuum. By embracing this constantly renewed space, the bodies perform hypnotic and unpredictable movements, always punctuated by a disturbing eeriness and fleeting moments of beauty.

Writing and choreography Fanny Soriano 
Performers Vincent Brière, Nina Harper, Léo Manipoud, Kamma Rosenbeck, Voleak Ung
Choreography consultants Mathilde Monfreux, Damien Fournier
Music Grégory Cosenza
Costumes Sandrine Rozier
Lights Cyril Leclerc
Scénographie Oriane Bajard, Fanny Soriano
General technician Nancy Drolet
Stage technician Samuel Bodin
Production and distribution Sarah Mégard and Nicolas Feniou
Production administration  Elyane Buisson


Production Cie Libertivore
Friche de la Belle de Mai  performance arts center in 
Marseille / Archaos national circus center in Marseille / Le Merlan national theater in Marseille / Théâtres en Dracénie-Théâtre de l'Esplanade national theater for dance and theater for young people in Draguignan / La Passerelle national theater for Gap and the Southern Alps / Plateforme 2 circus centers in Normandy - La Brèche à Cherbourg & Cirque Théâtre d'Elbeuf / La Verrerie national circus center in Occitanie / CIRCa national circus arts center Auch Gers Occitanie / Théâtre de Châtillon / Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde
Support DGCA – Ministry of Culture, DRAC cultural agench for the Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region (support for creeation) /  Region Sud / City of Marseille / Departmental Council for the Bouches-du-Rhône / SACD Lauréat 2018 / ADAMI.

Fanny Soriano is an associate artist at the Théâtre Jean Lurçat Scène nationale d’Aubusson

"With Fractales, Fanny Soriano has composed a jewel of a score for five performers.”

– Midi Libre

The Libertivore circus company was founded in 2005 by Fanny Soriano and Jules Beckman. Together, they created the show Libertivore. After, Fanny Soriano took the company's reins alone and developed shows that mixed circus and dance and were enriched with research into organic matter and the material, malleable, and metamorphic character of the body. She created Ether in 2012 and then a triptych dedicated to nature composed of Hêtre (2015), Phasmes (2017), and Fractales (2019).

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