Heroes création

  • Losers Cirque Company

    Czech Republic

    Hand-to-hand balancing, aerial, pantomime

  • 1h15
    Ages 8 and up
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann
©Frantise Kortmann



This performance by the Losers Cirque Company allows the audience to enter the mind of a person who is literally fighting for their life. What happens in the brain when it is in a critical condition, and your life is in the hands of strangers in an operating room? Do you encounter your fantasies and dreams, is all your energy focused on fighting the good fight? In any case, the goal is always the same: to survive.

This immersion into the universe of an embattled character will introduce you to a world full of surprises and color!

Thanks to a world-class pantomime directed by Radim Vizváry and inventive acrobatic stunts, Heroes is an emotional roller coaster ride!


Show programmed as part of the CircusLink project, co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Direction Daniel Špinar

Choreography Radim Vizváry

With Radim Vizváry, Jindřich Panský, Matyáš Ramba, Vítězslav Ramba, Lukáš Macháček, Jiří Bělka, Mates Petrák, Jana Telcová, Kristýna Stránská, Martina Illichová, Nikola Kopáčová

Music Ivo Sedláček

Costumes Petra Vlachynská

Scenography Petr Horníček

Light design Michael Blaha

Animation, LED screen Amar Mulabegovic, Honza Šíma

Sound Karel Mařík

Production United Arts

Support from the Ministry of Culture for the Czech Republic, City of Prague


"A perfect mix of humor, sadness, amazement, hope, fundamental questioning, and high-level acrobatics."

– Taneční magazín 

Losers Cirque Company has been performing since 2014 and has seven shows in its repertoire: The Walls and Handbags in 2015, Bech Boys in 2016, Kolaps, Through the Air, and EGO in 2018, and then Heroes in 2020. Each creation is conceived and created using a unique method of production.

The company is composed of a permanent team of actors, dancers, and acrobats but regularly collaborates with other artists from different disciplines to create original projects.


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