• Ricardo S. Mendes

    Taïwan, Portugal, Hong Kong


  • 40mn
    Ages 8 and up
  • Movie
@ Ricardo S Mendes


"They live with us, support us, help us achieve our goals, and yet we are unaware of their importance. It's time for a revolution; they need us and we need them."

Co-produced by Tai Kwun and Hsingho Co. and directed by the Portuguese circus artist Ricardo S. Mendes, Isabella tells the story of Ricardo and his beloved circus prop, Isabella. The documentary also features artists Patrick Pun (Hong Kong) and Chien Hung Shu (Taiwan). This sentimental and humorous film focuses on the artists and the juggling equipment they work with.

Co-Production Tai Kwun - Centre for Heritage and Arts (Hong Kong), Hsingho Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Direction Ricardo S. Mendes (Portugal)
Composition and musical production André d'Oliveira (Portugal)
Performance Ricardo S. Mendes - juggling (Portugal), Patrick Pun - diabolo (Hong Kong), Chien Hung Shu - cigar box (Taiwan)