Jamais en retraite

  • Cie Zania


    Acrobatic bike, corde lisse

  • Ages 4 and up
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Jamais en retraite [Never Retiring] is, above all, a declaration of love to our grandmothers and a demand that their place in society receives the proper recognition.

Carla and Maria, two modern Don Quixotes, confront the inevitable battle against time and take us on a dance of everyday life that is both funny and poetic.

With the help of an acrobatic bicycle and a corde lisse, these two grand ladies talk to us about old age with humor and tenderness. The strong but delicate bond that unites them weaves the web of an unexpected adventure that moves between overflowing friendship and awkward joy...

Artistic directors Gioia Zanaboni, Anja Eberhart
Artists Gioia Zanaboni, Anja Eberhart
Light design and technician Clément Fodella
Head of production Nicolas Griffon
Outside consultant Gilles Jolly, Daniel Gulko
Photo credits Anthony Krizmanic
Drawing credits Christelle Vieux

Distribution Sylvie Sauvage – Emile Sabord Production
Production Zania 
Coproduction and residencies La Cascade national circus arts center for Ardèche, Auvergne-Rhône-Alps
Subsidies Region Sud
Residencies Piste d’Azur regional circus arts center for the Sud region / Archaos national circus center / La Central del Circ in Barcelona

"With humor and love, the Zania company (...) offers their perspective on old age. For them, and for us, playing in open and rural spaces is a delight."

– TV3, Catalonia (Spain)

"First of all, passers-by think that they are real grandmothers who perform acrobatics, then they discover it is the Zania company."

– TV3, Catalonia (Spain)

The Marseille company Zania was born from a meeting between Gioia Zanaboni and Anja Eberhart. It takes its name from Zanni, a picturesque and mischievous character of the tradition of commedia dell’arte.

The company’s work is based on the desire to explore the theater in the circus and the circus in the theater, and to experiment with the possibilities of contemporary circus while maintaining the links with performing arts traditions.

The company seeks to create a new dramatic language for the circus to allow for multiple levels of interpretation and thus reach different audiences.

As a result, it is deeply invested in the development of artistic practices in atypical spaces to foster social inclusion and access to culture for everybody.

The company’s work includes Capuche (2019), Jamais en retraite (2019), and Racines de X (work in progress, planned for 2022).