Je suis Carmen création

  • Cie Attention Fragile


    Chinese pole, lyrical song

  • 1h30
    Ages 10 and up
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© Attention fragile
© Attention fragile


There are certain connections between the circus and both Carmen and the broader world of opera. It’s a mixed marriage, of course, but it works very well. Because like in the circus, every step Carmen takes is potentially deadly. The paths to her freedom are dangerous, each step is perilous. The opera, because the lyrical voice is always on the verge of cracking, means that the vocalist is a type of tightrope walker.

What happens when two cousins, one who has become a male chauvinist, the other a soprano, decide to tell the story of Carmen that they listened to over and over again on an old record player at their grandmother’s house as children?

One confesses to the other, "I feel like I am Carmen", and the other answers, "No, it’s me." They are amazed. They are so different from each other. And yet, they are both right. Every one of us has a line within us that divides our desire for freedom and our longing for tranquility.

We are all Carmen. Carmen is the circus incarnate!

Writing, staging, and performance Gilles Cailleau
Chinese pole, performance Amanda Righetti
Vocals, performance Sophie Chabert
Musical adaptation Guillaume Cros
Accessoires Christophe Brot 
Costumes Virginie Breger
Lights Christophe Bruyas / Philippe Germaneau
Production manager Marjolaine Duplay
Production Attention Fragile
Coproduction Archaos national circus center / Le Carré Magique national circus center in Brittany / the L’Agora national circus center in Boulazac, Aquitaine / Théâtre des Quatre Saisons de Gradignan / Centre Culturel de la Ricamarie / Le Sémaphore theater in Port-de-Bouc / Le Sémaphore municipal theater in Irigny 
Residencies Théâtre de Fontblanche in Vitrolles / De Rue et De Cirque arts cooperative / La Grainerie de Balma creative space for circus and traveling arts / CIRCa Pole National Cirque Auch / La Verrerie national circus center in Occitanie 

The company Attention is accredited and subsidized by the Ministry of Culture / DRAC Region Sud, by the Department of the Var, and the Toulon-Provence Méditerranée metro area.

"Gilles Cailleau has overwhelmed us!"

– Le Monde

"As wonderful as it is essential." 


"Gilles Cailleau's epic and generous theater." 

– Theatre on line

Created in 1999, Attention Fragile travels with its tents to perform in France and internationally. The company offers a tender and dynamic form of performance, made of asides to audiences and stolen secrets.

Gilles Cailleau is from the world theater and has a fervent admiration for the works of Racine and Shakespeare (Gilles & Bérénice, Le Tour complet du cœur) and has also written and directed his own works (Tout l'univers en plus petit, Tania's Paradise, Le nouveau monde, Un Fils de notre temps, Carmen, opéra déplacé...).

He has now been magnetically drawn to the contemporary circus and stages shows not in front of people, but among them. The shows are performed in all kinds of places and venues, and in July 2019, Attention Fragile celebrated its 20th anniversary by performing the complete repertoire of its shows in Avignon.

In 2020, Gilles Cailleau teamed up with Raoul Lay of the Ensemble Télémaque to bring Bizet's Carmen to the stage. His theatrical adaptation, Carmen, opéra déplacé, integrates volunteer actors (children, teenagers, retired people…) into the performance. For 2021, the circus part of this diptych devoted to Carmen, Je suis Carmen, will be performed under a small Berber tent with two artists: Sophie Chabert and Amanda Righetti.