• 16 minutes per spectator

    On standby

    Different locations


Kilomètre Zéro

  • Cécile Léna


    performing arts, visual arts, theater, scenography, installation

  • 16mn
    Ages 8 and up
© Cécile Léna
© Cécile Léna



Cécile Léna creates scenic spaces that become crystallized at the stage of the model. These spaces use sound and light to develop veritable miniature shows at the intersection of the performing arts, literature, and visual arts.

With Kilomètre Zero, the artist questions human frailty by evoking a boxer who is adrift and whose destiny may be undone as it verges on glory. One-by-one, spectators are invited to browse through four models: a boxing ring, a train platform, an opium den, and a hotel room. These models allow observers to fully emerge themselves in the life of the boxer. Corruption, love, injuries, and real or fantasized escapes serve as a backdrop to this journey between America and the Far East. From the New York boxing ring to a train station's platform, his journey through four key locations reveals the fragility of a man faced with the delicate question of what path to take in life.

In these installations, Cécile Léna pursues her work exploring the spectacle in miniature by creating models that are not "miniatures" strictly speaking, because they are made without respecting any particular scale. This liberty of representation when it comes to architecture, frees her from the bonds of realism and allows her to create space for the observer's imagination. These architectural spaces, empty of any human bodies, summon the memory of places and those who have occupied them.

Conception and creation Cécile Léna
Author of texts Didier Delahais, based on concepts by Cécile Léna 
Sound design Loïc Lachaize
Light design Jean-Pascal Pracht
General management and construction Marc Valladon 
Multimedia development Fabrice Moinet
Electronics Jean-François Ciutat
Actor Thibault de Montalembert
Actor Stéphanie Moussu
Actor and Chinese translation Yilin Yang
Actor Miglen Mirtchev

Production Morgan Helou
Distribution Marthe Lemut / Or Not
Musical contributions Didier Lasserre

Production Léna d’Azy 
Coproduction Les Champs Libres, part of the cultural infrasructure of the Rennes metro government / the Bordeaux metro government and the Eté Métropolitain program / the OARA arts office for the Region Nouvelle Aquitaine / the Théâtre des Quatre Saisons national theater for music in Gradignan
Project support within the framework of La Fabrique #2015 – Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine / City of Bordeaux (creation and innovation support fund) 
With the support of Lettres du Monde / Bordeaux National Opera / L’Eclat de Verre – Bordeaux

Léna d’Azy is subsidized by the Regional Council of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Departmental Council of the Gironde.

"Cécile Léna leaves us stunned on our feet, captivated by the strange minitature decors..."

– Télérama

The Léna d'Azy company is based in Bordeaux and was created in 2005 by Cécile Léna.

Léna d’Azy produces immersive shows and embraces cultural outreach and interactive theatrical and artistic creations.

In all the association’s creations, the presentation space – which becomes crystallized as the model is made – recounts a fiction to the spectators. With sound and light, the spaces take the guise of miniature shows and mark the encounter between performing arts, literature, visual arts, and digital arts.

For the past 15 years, the company has been developing unique and demanding creations that allow the spectator to become intimate with the work in an accessible manner. Everything is imagined to contribute to this experience so that the art and the technology offer a motionless journey to the audiences that visit the presentation spaces that have been created specifically for them.

The overriding desire of the association is to allow traditional artistic techniques to coexist with recent technologies in order to create a dialogue between these practices and those who execute them.