La grande perte de poids création

  • L'Immédiat / Camille Boitel



  • 15mn
    Ages 5 and up
    Open air
© DR



An old story emerged after the Great Lockdown ended: people had become so lost inside themselves that they began to doubt even the most established evidence.

Order had frayed and critical thinking had softened. As in a war that had lost its meaning, the combatants began to realize that the enemies they were facing looked just like them. The idea of a general suicide and an acquiescent misery was no longer unanimously accepted.

So people began to doubt all sorts of things, including logic, cause and effect, and, of course, time itself. Some even doubted gravity, to the point that some nights they even lost their own weight.

As we grew accustomed to doubting everything that came speeding at us through the inform-hasty approach, we became capable of questioning whether this was even a story.

Deep down, we no longer knew how to differentiate the true from the false. But it didn't matter since we also doubted the very notion of true and false.

But since we couldn't bring ourselves not to believe either, we went out into the street and decided to believe despite everything...

And to believe it, you had to see it. So we did.


La grande perte de poids [Great Loss of Weight] is being presented in the context of the Sirènes et midi net program. Sirènes et midi net is an urban ritual invented by the Lieux Publics creative space based in Marseille. Since 2003, they have offered special events that are timed to the testing of the national emergency siren that is held across France on the first Wednesday of the month at exactly noon. When the siren sounds, the company proposes a creation that transforms reality into an imaginary voyage...

With Camille Boitel and four actor-acrobats (distribution in course)

L'Immédiat is officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture – DRAC cultural agency for the Ile de France. It also receives support from the Region Ile de France as part of the artistic continuity program.

The L’immédiat company likes to seek the moment of artistic adventure with no regard for limits, and their work is an exploration of the space between fact and fiction. This has led the company to create pieces that examine the world and blend the imaginary with reality.

The company offers audiences performances that speak to their empathetic nature and (almost always) evoke fragility in all of its forms.

This approach favors a representation of those who do not always succeed rather than those who are able to do whatever they want. Whether it be failure over mastery or accident over success (although, from time to time, they do succeed). Of course, when faced with these types of challenges in life, sometimes the greatest virtuosity is required to conceal the setbacks...

Because this vertiginous philosophy includes the genuine vertigo that is felt when attempting the difficult feat of defending and protecting what is true and real.