La quatrième hypothèsecréation

  • Compagnie Platata

    Colombia, Argentina

    Juggling - digital technology

  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up


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La 4e hypothèse [The 4th Hypothesis] is a juggler’s attempt to solve the eternal question at the heart of their practice: what is the essence of juggling? The stage becomes a research space where a series of experiments are conducted. Various artifacts and technological devices strive to make the invisible, hidden aspects of juggling movements visible. In this way, the juggler becomes the guinea pig for their own scientific considerations, which eventually spill over into the absurd, the implausible, and the poetic.

By and with Danielo Amaya

Platatá: a very curious circus company that is a bit imperious but never too serious. Transdisciplinarity is the vehicle, the circus is the motor, and curiosity is the path. The company's stories reveal a vast diversity of ideas, desires, and experiences while always embracing the same mission: to create synergies to explore the world using the circus as a common language.

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