La Quatuor

  • Cie 126 kilos + cie toi d'abord


    Workshop production

  • 45mn


Sold Out

©Marie Darchy




Four clowns enter the ring for a sacred ritual, or maybe just a daily one, and they are ready to thwart codes and overturn traditions.

There is Couci Couça or the incarnation of a doubt, who is whimsical, volatile, and light, and whose body speaks for him.


There is Boule d'Os. He is a knowing, solid, and robust, and has the soul of the white clown. He is a bit of a ham, he is not afraid of anything except maybe loneliness.


There is also Pluche. He has the grace and freedom of wild animals. He exists elsewhere, he is from elsewhere, like a planet, everything escapes him and this is the source of his poetry.


Finally, there is Poussin. From her damp and droll perspective, it seems that she swallowed the whole ocean and that she hasn't finished spilling it back out. She is ready to lead any revolution armed with her wooden sword.


In this Quator, it will undoubtedly be a question of power, certainly of fraternity, but also of risk. And then especially the desire to laugh because, in these fragile times, that's all that's left, the carefree spirit of childhood...



Artistic support Christophe Guetat, Johan Lescop
With Gwenaëlle Traonouez, Thomas Lafitte, Jérémy Olivier, Vincent Bonnefoi
Distribution Marie Darchy

Coproducers La Cascade // Le Vellein  //  MJC Ménival - Ecole de Cirque de Lyon Scène Découvertes // Georges Sand cultural centre in Chécy // Eclat(s) de rue, City of Caen // Compagnie Lapsus // Association des Clous
Partners Les Abbatoires in Riom // Carcassonne Agglo Le Chai in Capendu // Iliade cultural center in  Seyssinet-Pariset // Théâtre Mansart in Dijon // Gare à Coulisses //  Théâtre Renoir in Cran Gevrier // Daki Ling in Marseille

126 Kilos

After completing the preparatory training at the Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, the acrobatic lifting duo Gwenaëlle Traonouez and Vincent Bonnefoi-Calmels graduated from the Lomme regional circus school 12 years ago.  They first took over the show Thé Perché from the Compagnie Prise de pied and then went on to co-found the Compagnie Lapsus with other artists. The new company gave rise to the shows Six Pieds Sur Terre in 2011 and Boutelis in 2016. In parallel, they founded the Compagnie 126 Kilos and have been touring the show Banc de sable since 2015. In 2019, they launched the project of a clown quarter with the Cie Toi d’abord.


Toi d’abord

They first met while studying at the circus school of Lyon in 2006 and then moved to Toulouse to found the Compagnie Toi d'abord.
For more than 10 years now, Jérémy Olivier and Thomas Lafitte have been touring cities and festivals to perform their different shows.
Tu viens, Gaspar, Encore Plus and more recently La peur au ventre, are currently touring in France and internationally.
As a duo, they were always interested in the role of the clown and in 2019 they created a new show with the Compagnie 126 Kilos that places four clowns under the spotlight.


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