Le Bruit des Loups

  • Etienne Saglio / Monstre(s)


    New magic

  • 1h
    Ages 8 and up
© Prisma Laval


In a world that has become too organised, a man develops tunnel vision. He is tending to his green plants when a mouse interferes with his life. Nature remembers him and takes him on a moonlit journey through a bewitching forest. Etienne Saglio takes us into the woods and presents a fantastic bestiary orchestrated by a strange fox. From the rebellious green plant to the attentive giant, from the great stag to the shade of the trees, we are invited to listen to the sound of the wolves that resonates within us like a savage thought. Le Bruit des Loups [The Sound of Wolves] is a show that questions our relationship to nature, to animals, and to enchantment.

Creation and performance Etienne Saglio
Performers Murielle Martinelli, Brahim Ahmadouche, Emile and Pablo
Dramaturgy and artistic consultation Valentine Losseau
Artistic consultation Raphaël Navarro
Scenography Benjamin Gabrié
Music Madeleine Cazenave
Light design Alexandre Dujardin
Light technician Alexandre Dujardin or Laurent Beucher
Sound design Thomas Watteau
Sound technician Thomas Watteau or Christophe Chauvière
Mechanical design and stage management Simon Maurice
General technician and stage technician Yohann Nayet
Stage management Lucie Gautier
Video design and technician Camille Cotineau
Computer design and technician  Tom Magnier
Acting Albin Warette
Costumes Anna Le Reun

"He shifts and flips reality to reveal what we have always known for the first time. He invites us on an unheard of journey, a stroll through a bewitched, enchanting forest, with wolves, giants, animated plants, and a fox narrating the tale."

L'Officiel des spectacles

Magician, actor, juggler, Etienne Saglio has created and performed shows such as Le Soir des Monstres [The Night of Monsters], Le Silence du monde [The Silence of the World], Projet fantôme [The Ghost Project], and Les Limbes [The Limbs]. A trainer of ghosts and enchanter of wolves, Etienne Saglio is a renowned trendsetter in the field of the new magic and an associated author with the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris.

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