M. François

  • Florian Méheux


    Chinese pole, burlesque

  • 25mn
    Ages 5 and up
© Maeliss M


A Chinese pole, a chair, a small table, carpets, a newspaper, a bottle, and a glass of water. The stage is set, it’s the home of Mr. François! When a street show invites itself inside, a new realm of freedom opens up for him. Mr. François is as endearing as he is fragile, and he will use all his energy to charm his audience. Between poetic chaos, burlesque challenges, and vertical acrobatics, he embarks the spectator along with him in his quest and his questioning of recurring current events. Attention: this is an emotional experience!

Creation Orit Nevo & Florian Méheux
Performance Florian Méheux


Production Compagnie ON / Bat Yam international of Street Theatre and Art

Florian Méheux has been a street and circus artist for 20 years and has been based in Marseille for 15 years. He joined the Rire Médecin team that provides clowning performances for sick children at the La Timone hospital in 2010.  He has worked on several shows, notably with Archaos and Cahin-Caha. M. François was co-created with Orit Nevo from the ON company in Israel for the Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art in 2015.

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