Manipulation poétique

  • Cie Raoul Lambert


    Magic & mentalism

  • 55mn
    Ages 12 and up
© Pierre Rigo
© Lefebvre Amalvy
© Camille Durand


Small digressions on the art of doubt, the power of words and the representation of reality.

Hypermnesiac since his accident on April 14, 1989, Raoul Lambert invented the concept of "éclairvoyance" – a lightening moment of clairvoyance... But what does this consist of?!

Thanks to magic, these two sorcerer-orators ask you to take a little detour and let yourself be amazed. There are rare cases where we accept to be manipulated, and yet we guarantee you this will be a delicious moment.

Is Raoul Lambert pretending to be the mentalist by using his hypermnesia, or is he the mentalist? Or is it the other way around? Let yourself be amazed to better grasp our world and understand our beliefs.

By and with Kevin Laval, Mathieu Pasero
With artistic insight from Johan Candoré (or Mathieu Despoisse)
Production Camille Foucher
Administration Hélène Baisecourt

Producer La Verrerie national circus center in Occitanie

Coproductions La Cascade national circus center in Ardèche-Rhône-Alpes / Le Cirque Jules Verne, national center for circus and street arts in Amiens 

The Réseau en Scène performance arts agency for Occitanie supports the regional programming for the Cirque Portatif.


"Raoul Lambert is no ordinary magician. (...) Expect to be astounded and/or amazed!"

– Télérama

Mathieu Pasero founded the company Raoul Lambert in 2009. The company, which is based in Nîmes, mixes new magic, old magic, mentalism, mental magic, illusionism, and prestidigitation. Together, it weaves an intimate relationship with the audience and uses humor to create common moments that examine our natural gullibility, our propensity for manipulation, and our relationship to power.

In 2011, Raoul Lambert joined the Collectif La Basse Court.