• Compagnie XY - en collaboration avec Rachid Ouramdane


    Acrobatic lifts

  • 1h05
    Ages 8 and up
    Under the big top


€6 - €29

© Christophe Raynaud de Lage


In its fifth creation, the Compagnie XY explores the frontiers of the acrobatic performance by embracing analogies found in natural phenomena such as murmurations, a mode of communication epitomized by the flight of starlings. In these movements, a ballet of hundreds of birds is so well regulated and so dense that it even eclipses the sun for a moment...

With Möbius, the company continues its investigation into the acrobatic language by placing the circus act within a continuous movement that allows for reversals and inversions of situations without having to create oppositions between them. The bare and immaculate white stage is presented as an endless space that empties and fills in dazzling bursts, a place where the action unfolds like a chain reaction.

This show was developed in collaboration with the choreographer Rachid Ouramdane and it resonates with his own body of work.

Creation Abdeliazide Senhadji, Airelle Caen, Alejo Bianchi, Arnau Povedano,
Andres Somoza, Antoine Thirion, Belar San Vincente, Florian Sontowski, Gwendal Beylier, Hamza Benlabied, Löric Fouchereau, Maélie Palomo, Mikis Matsakis, Oded Avinathan, Paula Wittib, Peter Freeman, Seppe Van Looveren, Tuk Frederiksen, Yamil Falvella
Artistic collaboration Rachid Ouramdane, Jonathan Fitoussi, Clemens Hourrière
Light design and technician Vincent Millet
Costumes Nadia Léon
Acrobatic collaboration Nordine Allal

Coproduction Théâtre d’Elbeuf and La Brèche, national circus center in Normandy / Le Phénix national theater and European creation center in Valenciennes / Maison de la Danse - Lyon / MC2 Grenoble / Tandem national theater / La Villette, Paris / Maison de la Culture in Bourges / TEAT Champ Fleuri (La Réunion) / Agora national circus center in Boulazac Aquitaine / Les Gémeaux national theater in Sceaux / Bonlieu national theater in Annecy / Carré Magique national circus center in Brittany / Espace des Arts national theater in Chalon-sur-Saône / Le Bateau Feu national theater in Dunkirk / Espace Jean Legendre, Théâtre de Compiègne / Festival Perspectives, French-German stage festival in Saarbrücken, Germany / La Coursive national theater in La Rochelle Residencies Le Sirque national circus center in Nexon, Limousin / Furies national circus center in Châlons-en Champagne with the support of the Centre National des Arts du Cirque / Cirque Jules Verne national circus and street arts center in Amiens / CCN - Grenoble / MC2 - Grenoble / Maison de la Danse - Lyon / La Brèche national circus center in Cherbourg / CIRCa national circus centeri n Auch / Tandem national theater in Douai / Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf national circus center in Normandy / Le Phénix Scène national theater and European creation center in Valenciennes.

Möbius has received support from the Région Hauts-de-France and the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (DGCA) through the creation grant.

The Compagnie XY is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Hauts-de-France regional cultural affairs department. Since 2017, Compagnie XY has been associated with the Le Phénix national theater in Valenciennes as part of European creation center and with the Cirque-Théâtre d'Elbeuf national circus center in Normandy. Since 2021, the company has been associated with the Chaillot national dance theater and the Espace des Arts national theater in Chalon-sur-Saône. It has also been supported since 2016 by the BNP-Paribas Foundation.

For more than 18 years, the Compagnie XY has been questioning the acrobatic language by using the practice of lifts. While relying on the fundamentals of this traditional circus technique, the artists from the collective play with the conventions, rhythms, and styles of acrobatics to give new perspectives to this form of artistic expression. Using this starting point, the company has opted to work with a large number of performers to expand the creative possibilities and broaden the scope of its artistic investigation. This approach also seeks to interrogate concepts of crowds and masses and explore their interactions in the same space-time.

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