• La Fabrique des Petites Utopies


    Circus and theater

  • 1h30
    Ages 12 and up
    Under the big top
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR
Mondofoly © DR


At the crossroads between different forms of stage art, Mondofoly is neither a piece of theater nor a circus nor a magic show. It is a complex creation designed by La Fabrique des Petites Utopies as one would design a dessert pastry: it is a tiered cake, in balance or out of balance, that’ll make you nauseous from all that is overly sweet in this world, that’ll make you hungry, thirsty, or wanting something else. Without fail, its recipe receives a four-star review. The performance is written by actors who dance in order to tell us that the solutions are right in front of us, that there are no fixed destinies, and that humanity can stay on its feet.  

This “acrobatic-economic cabaret” is the opposite of an end-of-the-world performance: it is an act of optimism. It took three months of research, of experimenting, and of construction for the words to resonate with the artists’ bodies and for the stage to transcend simple décor and become a crucible for political and civic research. Mondofoly is not unbiased; on the contrary, it is a political creation conceived as a struggle and structured like a board game that becomes an allegory of the world.

Text Clémence Weill
Circus and stage direction Bruno Thircuir
Circus performers Simo Nahhas, Angel Paul Ramos Hernandez, and Antoine Linsale
Actors Alphonse Atacolodjou, Isabelle Gourgues et Océane Bret
Video creation Clémence Dupuy et Marika Gourreau
Musical creation Francis Mimoun et Anthony La Rosa
Accesory design and painting Cati Réau
Light creation and management Clémence Dupuy
Sound creation and management Will Lamoureux
Stage management Fanch Pericault 
Set design François Gourgues
Magic consultant Cédric Bertox
Costumes Béatrice Ribault et Cyrielle Gonçalves
Graphic design and communication Marika Gourreau
Administration and production: Matthias Charre and Antoine Richel

Coproductions Archaos, Pôle National Cirque - Marseille, MC2 - Scène nationale de Grenoble, City of Mans regional circus center - Le Mans, Théâtre de Die - Scène Régionale Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Gare à Coulisses - Eurre, Théâtre Municipal de Grenoble – Grenoble, Le Diapason - St Marcellin - Scène Ressource en Isère, L’Heure Bleue - Saint Martin d’Hères - Scène Régionale Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Auditorium de Seynod - Scène Régionale Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Institut Français, Ville de Grenoble
Coproduction (in progress): Artcena - writing grant 
La Fabrique des Petites Utopies is subsidized by the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Département de l’Isère, the Ville de Grenoble, the Institut Français, the SPEDIDAM and the ADAMI.

The company is doing a triennial residency at the Théâtre de Die – Scène Régionale (2016-2018). It is supported by Gaia.

“In Grenoble, La Fabrique des Petites Utopies is a company that sets itself apart. First with the subjects that it deals with, which are often very powerful and open to the surrounding world (see Rue des Voleurs, its latest show, which deals with the question of migrants), but also with its format: small performances played in a truck-theater instead of traditional cultural venues.” Le Petit Bulletin, Grenoble, 2015

“An acrobatic theater piece skillfully directed by Bruno Thircuir, whose vertical poetry will awaken many lovely emotions.” Télérama, 2009

La Fabrique des Petites Utopies is an unruly, itinerant, and cosmopolitan theater company that brings together a dozen artists from all over the world. Through politico-poetic shows filled with African humor, French fatalism, Arab poetry, or Belgian jokes, it seeks to tell the story of the world today in a sensitive and dreamlike way.

The company travels across diverse territories looking to create a theater that can be enjoyed by everybody and that can be played anywhere. This is accomplished thanks to a 100-seat truck-theater and a 350-seat Big Top that the company installs in the public squares of the most remote villages as well as in urban neighborhoods that are not well-equipped in terms of cultural facilities. Thus the company continuously travels the roads of France, Europe, and North Africa to present its cultural creations, to hold amateur theater workshops, and to host events in schools, in hospitals, and for people with disabilities.

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