Monsieur Mouche

  • Compagnie Gorgomar



  • 1h10
© Frédéric de Faverney
© Frédéric de Faverney
© Frédéric de Faverney
© Frédéric de Faverney



Monsieur Mouche is the theater handyman. But what does he do exactly? Most of the time, nothing... He waits until he is needed, whether it's to change a light bulb or grease a door. So that gives him time to have fun!

In this clownish and musical solo, this hilariously, clumsy, and mysterious character plunges us into a burlesque universe where each situation is as outrageous as the next.

Monsieur Mouche does too much, but it's for our own good!

Music and songs Thomas Garcia
Staging - Direction Sigrid Bordier
Artistic collaboration Alexandre Bordier
Light design - Technician Antoine Hansberger
Costumes Miryana Jukic
Production Aurelie Péglion
Photos Frédéric de Faverney

Production Compagnie Gorgomar / Théâtre de Grasse
Production support Ministry of Culture and Communication / Region Sud Regional Council / Cac Théâtre
Residencies Théâtre de Grasse in Grasse / Le Daki Ling and Le Jardin des Muses in Marseille / L’Entre‑pont in Nice / Le Théâtre de la Semeuse in Nice / Le Pré des Arts in Valbonne / Théâtre Francis Gag in Nice
With support from City of Nice / Alpes-Maritimes General Council / Commune de Puget-Théniers

"It is impossible not to think of Jacques Tati. An original creation that mixes clowning, songs, and physical humor."

– Nice-Matin

"This shadowy character takes you on a journey with one scene more delirious than the next. There are songs, music, and misunderstandings and Mr. Smee will captivate young and old alike!"

– La Provence

The Gorgomar company was created in Nice in 2007 under the dual management of Aurélie Péglion and Thomas Garcia. The company’s totem animal and its intertwined arms sketch out and invent shows where everything is possible.

The Gorgomar company uses the languages of clowning, puppetry, and burlesque to share its vision of the world. It takes a humanistic approach as it shows that life is worth living despite the absurdity of fate. The performances have a high concentration of optimism and feature encounters with sensitive heroes such as Grosse Patate or Monsieur Mouche.