• Collectif À Sens Unique


    Icarus flights and acrobatic lifts of all kinds for 2 artists, 2 bottles of water, and 3 packets of chips

  • 50mn
    Ages 6 and up
© Pierre Colletti
© Ludovic Souillat
© Hélène Alline
© Ludovic Souillat
© Ludovic Souillat



The mule is a social animal. It is the bearer of burdens and it can be stubborn and terribly selfish but it is also infinitely faithful... A mule is all of these things at the same time.

In a closed space that is very close to the audience, two acrobats weave a delicate relationship that is both tender and complicated. With the help of acrobatic lifts and Icarus flights, and always relying on their own emotions, the two mules enter true decadence and embark on increasingly complex spheres. The duo ventures to a realm where the weight of a relationship becomes more than a simple idea, and with its heaviness and lightness it comes to encapsulate the backbone of this fragile moment of humanity.

Mule is a cruel fable, sometimes even immoral, but deliciously joyful!

By Aviva Rose-Williams and Hélène Leveau
Artistic perspective Hugues Delforge
Light design Clémentine Pradier
Distribution & Administration L’Envoleur – Guillaume Cornu

Production Collectif A Sens Unique
Support SPEDIDAM / Pays de la Loire Region / Sarthe Department / City of Mans / Crédit Agricole
Coproduction & Residencies PALC-Cité du Cirque Marcel Marceau national circus center in Le Mans / Carré Magique national circus center in Brittany
Partners L’Atelier Lefeuvre & André / Château de Monthelon / Pol & Freddie / Company Idem / Théâtre de Chaoué, Karine Saporta / Wolubilis cultural center in Belgium / Kinetic Arts Center in the United States / Espace Catastrophe – Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque in Belgium / Alex Machefel, Benjamin Renard / K-E.Création – Kloé Alexandre

"Mule...will fascinate the whole family."

West France

"Mule: cruel but connected duo."

Maine Libre


À Sens Unique was born from a tight-knit group of students at the École de Cirque de Québec.

In 2013, the collective moved to Le Mans and founded the company.

By relying upon their differences and the variety of their disciplines, they used a variety of forms, whether they be solo or collective, joyous or tragic, to lay the foundations of their first creation, Léger démêlé. Since 2015, À Sens Unique has been touring France and internationally with this show.

Feeding off creative encounters and inspired by a desire for diversity, the collective created a second show performed by a duo, then launched other projects, whether they be solo, duet, or collaborative.