Parallèle 26 création

  • Cie Archaos et Cie Sylvie Guillermin


    Aerial perch, acrobatics, dance

  • 1h
    Ages 10 and up
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Philippe Cibille
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Philippe Cibille
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski



Parallèle 26 is a vertical ballet for acrobats and dancers performed in an open cage composed of 26 metal perches.

Inspired by Tahar Ben Jelloun’s The Blinding Absence of Light and Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, this show offers intense echoes of our primary instincts, our condition as human beings, and what makes us social beings.

Enclosed in this metal forest, the artists evoke the loss of freedom, solidarity, survival, alienation, and the balance between the individual and the collective. They punctuate time to the rhythm of prison life with its mixture of domination, tenderness, regression, and attempts to escape. It can’t help but remind us of our eternal desire to fly and our irresistible need for freedom.

Born in 2006 from an encounter between the Archaos circus company and the Sylvie Guillermin dance company, Parallèle 26 is now performed by young artists who are completing their training at Piste d’Azur circus school in La Roquette-sur-Siagne and the Rosella Hightower dance school in Cannes.

Writing and staging Sylvie GuillerminRaquel Rache de Andrade, Guy Carrara
With the students from the Piste d’Azur regional circus arts center and the  Rosella Hightower national dance center
Original music Frédéric Dutertre
Technical direction Hervé Bigey
Construction Ateliers Sud Side

Production Archaos national circus center
Coproduction Rosella Hightower national dance center / Piste d’Azur regional circus arts center / La Criée national theater in Marseille

Project created with the support of the Ministry of Culture / DRAC PACA

"An ode to the humanity that gives us the strength to resist and to offer happiness amid the worst conditions of adversity and imprisonment."

– Grésivaudan Trends

The Sylvie Guillermin company

Sylvie Guillermin created her company and her first solo performance for the aerial perch in 1988 in Grenoble.

Passionate about discovery and travel, she ventures out continuously to meet people abroad, particularly in Morocco, where the choreographer has forged close ties with individuals and organizations such as the Shems'y circus school in Salé. She relishes the opportunity to enrich her poetic universe by interacting with artists from the circus, theater, song, music, and visual arts.

With her creations, Sylvie Guillermin sculpts her dance to the most refined level of detail and questions the human condition.

The Archaos company

Archaos is one of the emblematic companies of the contemporary circus movement. Since its creation in 1986, it has initiated and supported the development of the circus arts. Over its 30 years of existence, it has produced 30 original shows that have been performed worldwide and have featured more than 2000 artists. The company is now an international standard-bearer for the contemporary circus arts. Archaos chose to set up in Marseille in 2001 to develop a space for artistic creation and to anchor the circus arts as a significant element of the territory's cultural identity.

In 2012, Archaos received official certification as a national circus center from the Ministry of Culture.

Archaos launched and directs the Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque (BIAC) and the Entre-Deux Biennales circus festivals.