Petite Nuit au lit création

  • Cahin-Caha


  • 25mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air
Petite nuit © Chedlyz
Petite nuit © Chedlyz
Petite nuit © Puech


Circus acts and burlesque dances performed on a stage designed with wrought iron beds.

Sleep: we spend 24 years of our life in bed. How do we sleep? How do we prepare to go to bed? Read, eat, watch television, cuddle, pray... And then leave waking consciousness behind to travel to the land of dreams. Whether they remember it or not, most people dream at night. So where do these imaginary landscapes go, this fountain of creativity that surges forth with no effort on our part? Petite nuit au lit is a funny and dreamlike poem that evokes those intimate moments that occur in and around the bed. The performance is a precursor of the show Ô LIT that the company will be finishing in the spring of 2019.

Writing and staging Gulko
Featuring Katell Boisneau, Dolorès Calvi, Alexandre Demay, Emilie Marin, Florian Méheux
Sound design Julien Frénois
Construction Silvain Georget
Costumes Virginie Breger

Coproductions Archaos, national circus center, Marseille – La Cascade, national circus center, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourg-Saint-Andéol. 

With the support of Arts vivants en Vaucluse, Le Thor - Le Pôle Jeune Public, le Revest, CIRCA, national circus center, Auch – Lieux publics, national center for street performance, Marseille - SPEDIDAM

Residencies La Gare Franche, Marseille - La Grainerie, Toulouse - Arts Vivants en Vaucluse, Rasteau cultural center.

The Cahin-Caha company is recognized by the City of Marseille and receives general support from the Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council. It receives support for projects from the PACA Region and DRAC PACA.

Cahin-Caha embraces a loving and absurd vision of the human condition. This perspective leads to a constant renewal of the company's creative language and an ever-evolving form of artistic expression. Cahin-Caha defines itself as a "physical theater" because it transcends traditional circus techniques and aspires to explore the full range of human relationships.