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    Corde lisse

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© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski
© Nathalie Sternalski



In a timeless desert expanse, two silhouettes meet. She, a nomad, an immigrant, carries her land in one hand, and it's her only luggage. In the other hand, a rope that she tightens, loses, and then finds again. Her earth-case opens up, draws her path, and takes root again.

With body and voice, they draw a fresco that forms an allegory of the world, a reminder of what we have always carried within us. Between here and elsewhere, they unveil bursts of images as intimate as they are familiar. They sketch a story tinged with both harmony and moments that are entirely out of tune, and it is all mingled with international voices.

Racine(s) [Root(s)] is a visual and sound poem of raw and organic purity.

Original idea, writing, and cord lisse Inbal Ben Haim
Original music, composition, and performance
 David Amar
Artistic direction, writing, and direction
 Jean Jacques Minazio
Set design
 Domitille Martin and Raphaël Maulny
Lighting design
 Alexandre Toscani
Stage manager
 Raphaël Maulny
 Sofia Benchérif
Production consultant Johanna Autran

Production L’Attraction 
Coproduction Archaos national circus center / Théâtre National de Nice, Scène de Cirque festival / City of Puget-Théniers / Rue(z) & Vous festival – City of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis / Maison du Parc National et de la Vallée de Luz-Saint-Sauveur 
Residencies CDN – Théâtre National de Nice / Maison du Parc National et de la Vallée in Luz-Saint-Sauveur / Puget-Théniers elementary school / Piste d’Azur regional circus arts center / City of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis 
Suport Region Sud / City of Valbonne Sophia Antipolis / CNAC national circus arts center – Region Grand Est

"Racine(s) is one of those (rare) shows that settle in the depths of your memory to make you better. Forever better."

– Nice Premium

The L’Attraction company is developing an artistic project that emphasizes live performance with a particular focus on theater and circus creation. Blending performing arts from different genres and eras, and free of all labels, the company nourishes an artistic vision that is inseparable from the spirit of the troupe and of craftsmanship in general; it cultivates an eclectic form and content; it asserts its plural identities by following off-beat artistic paths; it designs for traditional stages as well as in public spaces and heritage sites; and it associates classical or contemporary texts and sources with strong visual and aural aesthetics.

Founded in 2009 around the work of Jean Jacques Minazio and a core group of artists, L’Attraction regularly welcomes guest artists. It is developing a repertoire of original theater and circus creations for all audiences that have meaning and give a central role to poetry.

Their work includes BuffoonsThe StrowlersMuséum teatr, Sleeping PointLe cabinet de curiositésTea Time (Cycle Around Shakespeare), and versions of Racine(s) for both stage and public spaces.