Racines de Xcréation

  • Zania


    Soft rope, aerial silk

  • 50mn
    Ages 4 and up
© Anthony Krizmanic


Racines de X [Roots of X] is a circus tale that takes us on a journey into the fantastical world of a little girl from outer space. This is an original journey full of humor and poetry that mixes the motifs of circus, fantasy fiction, and experimental live music to create vibrant, colorful circus characters. The incredible story of a child in search of profound connections and their past and future roots...

Circus artists / authors Gioia Zanaboni, Aurélia Chalard
Musical clown / composer Nadine Laporte Monteil
Voice-over Sylvain Bricault
Artistic consultant Anja Eberhart
Original music Nadine Laporte Monteil (live music) and Gil Aniorte (recorded music)
Production administrator Elyane Buisson
Circus structure construction Benjamin Gorlier (Loly Circus)
Light design Mathieu Guiseppi
Sound manager Jérôme Rouquette


Co-productions Archaos national circus center with France Relance / Loly Circus / La Fabrique Mimont Residencies Piste d'azur / Arsud / Cheptel Aleikoum / ZimZam Support City of Marseille

“A mix between acrobatics, balancing, poetry, and humor, the antics of the Zania Company move the audience.”

– La Nouvelle République Loir-et-Cher

The Compagnie Zania borrows its name from Zanni, a traditional character from the commedia dell'arte. The company's distinctive feature is to seek theater in the circus and circus in the theater. Zania images a singular and humanistic style of circus dramaturgy with different levels of readings and resonance to reach a wider audience.

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