• Cie 3 x Rien


    Cyr wheel, gymnastics wheel, wire, elastic, object manipulation

  • 1h
    Ages 5 and up
    Under the big top
© Erwan Le Coniat
© Erwan Le Coniat
© Erwan Le Coniat


Welcome to the den of the creator, the inventor’s domain! With his head buried in his machines, he invites us to enter his reality and join him on his insatiable and utopian quest for balance.

Patterns weave webs in his mind, curves intersect, perception becomes confused and duplicated until the confusion fades and gives way to games.
This fragile being, sometimes audacious, sometimes whimsical, seeks his limits. To surpass them, he has to take to the less beaten paths. To find himself, he dives wholeheartedly into his dreams.

When he finally recognizes himself, he begins a conversation. He accepts himself and fights himself because he is at the same time the one who doubts and the one who boldly embarks on the adventure.

Reflets [Reflects] is acrobatic mischief, a hand-stitched show performed amid the intimacy and poetry of the circus tent...

Acrobats Pierre and David Cluzaud
Direction Philippe Chaigneau, David Cluzaud, and Pierre Cluzaud
Music and sound design Jeannick Launay and Régis Raimbault
Light design in progress
Sound technician and production manager David Brochard
Costumes Mathilde Augereau 

Coproducer La Cité du Cirque in Le Mans
This show has received support from the DRAC arts for the Pays de La Loire, the Region Pays de La Loire, and the Maine et Loire Department.


"Between rough materials and poetic snapshots, this tandem is a master of its art and inspires both emotion and thrills."

– La Provence

"Entre Chien et Loup, an acrobatic circus show, tells the story of the relationship between two brothers using the grace of movement alone. It may seem arduous, and yet it works. There are really only the bodies and a perfectly attuned soundtrack to express the relationship between these two men that is situated between rivalry and brotherhood as they embark on their journey in the hold of a ship. The slightest object becomes a pretext for an anthology of aerial acrobatics."

– Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire

The Compagnie 3 x Rien was created in 2004 on the initiative of Lénaïg Fannière and the two brothers Pierre and David Cluzaud.

The company's artistic focus is on a poetic approach to circus techniques. Based on the mastery of styles such as acrobatics, balance, or object manipulation, the artists are particularly interested in staging and choreography and seek to convey notions beyond the fear associated with their physical feats.

Rather than a display of technical prowess, circus techniques are incorporated into the performance to evoke situations and portray artistic intentions.

The Compagnie 3 x Rien creations include the shows Une rencontre 2 parallèles (2005), Roue libre (2008), Tempo (2010), and Entre chien et loup (2015).