• La Mondiale Générale


    Balancing on objects

  • 1h30
    Ages 10 and up


€4 - €14

© Eric Feferberg


Réfugions-nous [Take Refuge] seeks to break down the usual divide between actors and audience to challenge the boundaries between reality and fiction, between spontaneity and prepared forms. Participants are invited into a singular space that is surprising and welcoming, interactive and contemplative; as they move about, they influence the course of the experience. Once they are all together in this space, words and ideas can fade away and give way to another story, one of human relationships, of attention to others, of empathy, and of common sense.

Concept Alexandre Denis
Operators Alexandre Denis, Frédéric Arsenault, Julien Vadet and Christophe Bruyas
Sound design Julien Vadet
Light design Christophe Bruyas
Construction Silvain Ohl
Scenography Timothé Van Der Steen
Production-distribution Mélanie Vadet


Production La Mondiale générale Coproduction Théâtre d'Arles - nationally recognised theater for art and creation, new writing / Théâtre Massalia nationally recognised theater for art, children, and youth / Archaos national circus center / CIRCA national circus center in Auch / SIRQUE national circus center in Nexon, Nouvelle Aquitaine / La Verrerie national circus center in Alès for Occitanie / art of the stage center at the Friche La Belle de Mai / Le Sémaphore in Port de Bouc Support L'Usine Cayre - Compagnie Aléas / Cenne Monestiés City Hall Grants DRAC PACA / Région PACA / Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council / City of Arles Production support DGCA.

La Mondiale générale is supported by DRAC PACA

La Mondiale Générale company was founded in 2012 by a technician, Timothé Van Der Steen, and an artist, Alexandre Denis. They work on the different physical and emotional relationships linked to balance. Their shows are primarily centered around circus, but also involve the visual arts, acrobatic theater, and sonic creations.

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