• 23rd-24th January 2021

    On standby


Respire, une traversée funambule

  • Les filles du renard pâle



  • 30mn
    Ages 3 and up
    Open air
© Samuel Buton
© Nicolas Delbouille
© DR



You are about to witness the ascent of a high-flying tightrope walker!

In perfect equilibrium, the emptiness grows beneath her feet. Perched in the sky, she takes her time, has fun, plays with the audience, revels in this moment of immense freedom, and realizes she never wants to come down...

Accompanied by live music, each of her steps is rhythmic. Imbued with strength and fragility, the music and the artist progress together. Each stumble is righted by the voice, each movement is accentuated by musical punctuation.

Respire [Breathe] is a necessary burst of air, an optimistic note, the courage to always keep moving forward...

Tightrope Johanne Humblet
Music Violette Legrand, Lison Maillet and Anatole Petit
Technical coordinator Nicolas Lourdelle
Engineering Rigging Gratte Ciel
Rigging technicians Nicolas Lourdelle, Yvan Bringard, Rémy Légeay, Géraldine Rieux
Light design Sylvain Chevallot
Sound design Mathieu Ryo
Costumes Solenne Capmas
Tightrope shoes Maison Clairvoy
Media relations Elektronlibre – Olivier Saksik, Manon Rouquet
Administration, production Bérénice Riollet
Logistics Romane Vanderstichele

Production Les Filles du Renard Pâle
Coproduction Théâtre de la Coupe d’Or in Rochefort 
Residencies Le Palc national circus center in Châlons-en-Champagne – Grand Est

The artistic projects of the Les Filles du Renard Pâle company are led by Johanne Humblet, an artist who creates different types of tightrope performances. Her various encounters and experiences on the wire have inspired Johanne Humble to expand her artistic research. Within the company, her work seeks to constantly surpass itself by identifying limits and then finding ways to break through them. All this is done with a tenacious commitment to creative collaboration, artistic encounters, and moments of sharing.