• Rhizome



  • 30mn
    Ages 12 and up
©Gérard Pascal
©Gérard Pascal
©Gérard Pascal
©Vinvella Lecocq
©Vinvella Lecocq



Rhizikon is an allegorical, physical, visual, and auditory synthesis that aims to provoke sensations, feelings, questioning, daydreams, and reflections, all around this question of putting oneself at risk.

"In 2008, I was asked to create a short show to be performed in high schools. At first, creating an aerial work for a school seemed impossible. But the question of risk - the search for limits, putting oneself in danger - quickly imposed itself as a clear connection between a suspension artist and teenagers.

The idea of a scenography that was adapted to a room with reduced dimensions emerged: a painting, like a wall, a vertical surface, with the dimensions of my body... And I imagined a kind of conference, like an oration, given as much by the body as by words, something that combined drawing, the visual and aural universe. This radically transdisciplinary form was on the fringes of the known territory of the theater and reached different audiences (a museum, a neighborhood house, a university, a high school, a prison...). This project is part of the artistic journey I have been following for several years: a quest to grasp the meaning of risk and to make its different approaches perceptible." 

– Chloé Moglia

Creation Chloé Moglia
Performance Mathilde Van Volsem
Sound Chloé Moglia and Alain Mahé
Light design Christian Dubet
Stage designVincent Gadras
Technical director Hervé Chantepie
Production Killian Le Dorner, Vinvella Lecocq

Production Rhizome / Cie Moglice – Von Verx. Special thanks to Laurence Edelin.
Coproductions The national theaters in Sète and Bassin de Thau.
Support the Languedoc Roussillon Regional Council in the framework of Languedoc Roussillon Lycéen Tour.

Rhizome is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC (Brittany), and receives support for the development of its projects from the Region Bretagne and the BNP Paribas Foundation.
Chloé Moglia is an associate artist at the Scène nationale de l'Essonne, Agora-Desnos, at La Passerelle, Scène nationale de Saint-Brieuc, and at the Théâtre, Scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire

"A gem of a show, physical talent, imagination, wit! It's overwhelmingly beautiful. One feels compelled to demand an encore."

Le Grand Théâtre du Monde blog, Le Figaro

Founded in Brittany in 2009, the association Rhizome produces Chloé Moglia’s project and is active on the regional, national, and international levels. 

Suspension and martial arts are the foundation of Chloé Moglia’s artistic approach. Their intersection gives rise to shows and performances that link the realms of thought and emotion, and to the sharing of “reflexive reveries” with the public.

A rhizome is a tangle of underground stems that are interconnected and through their movement they create a form of path. As an artistic association, the Rhizome produces a permanent ex-position: to walk is to leave one’s position, to stand outside one’s position. The focus of attention no longer relies on the point of view, but instead on a distancing from it, on a displacement. Rhizome inspires a gradual displacement. 

The lines of the Rhizome are constantly changing. They have to do with time, suspense, space, weight, mass, fall, retained or not, vertical and horizontal, movement, rhythm, body, perceptions, resistance, perseverance, tenacity, availability, breath...


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