Secret (Temps 2)

  • Johann Le Guillerm


    Ring Show

  • 1h40
    Ages 6 and up
    Under the big top


Make a reservation TARIFS /Plein : 22 € / réduit : 17 € / enfants -12 ans : 12 € Réduit (sur justificatif de - de 3 mois) : demandeurs d’emploi, RSA, étudiants, - de 25 ansCarte l’Attitude Provence acceptée Découvrir tous LES PASSOuverture du site 1h avant le début du 1er spectacleBUS n°83 arrêt La Plage + Bus de nuit n°583METRO Rond-Point du Prado puis bus n°19 arrêt La PlageVELO station Promenade Pompidou David, Prado Borély ou Mendès France Huveaune.Pensez au co-voiturage !


The universe is his playground; the ring the laboratory where he experiments with new laws to create some order in the tumult of the world and to shake up the supposed evidence. Here, Le Guillerm is at one with matter, he tames atmospheric turbulences, he provokes unstable balances and plays with the elements. He is Don Quixote when he rides strange machines, part-spider, part-snail, and launches an attack on unfathomable challenges. He is then Sisyphus, obstinately building giant mikados that he destroys without any qualms the moment their stability ensured. There is also a bit of mystery in this show, a bit of of poetry, a bit of intuition, a bit of experience. Some fury, too. A secret that (re)creates itself year after year to draw a map of a placeless planet with sensitive perspectives and infinite utopias. A new landscape appears, show after show, familiar but imperceptibly reconfigured with each production.

Concept, Direction, Performacnce: Johann Le Guillerm
Musician: Alexandre Piques
Lighting: Cyril Nesci
Ring Management: Franck Bonnot, Zoé Jimenez, Anaëlle Husein Sharif Khalil 
Lighting Design: Hervé Gary
Musical Creation: Thomas Belhom
Construction of Light Machinery: Silvain Ohl et Maryse Jaffrain
Costume Design: Corinne Baudelot, Costume-making: Anaïs Abel
Shoe-Making: Antoine Bolé
Study of Feasibility of Circus Sculptures: Sylvain Beguin
Creation of Circus Sculptures: Silvain Ohl, Maryse Jaffrain, Lucas de Staël, Jean Christophe Dumont, Jean-Marc Delanoye, Georges Matichard

"With this show, a rare story of the alchemy of secrets is written on the ring, and with it that of the infinite gaze a man can direct toward the world." – Le Monde

Secret is a wonderful circus show in which we see an artist, Le Guillerm, naturally, little by little swallowing up all traditional techniques of the circus and fairground arts, juggling, acrobatics, illusion, dressage, balancing, strength exercises... in order to access a higher state." – Télérama


Johann Le Guillerm was part of the CNAC's first graduating class. He worked with Archaos, participated in the creation of the Volière Dromesko and co-founded the Cirque O. In 1994, he created his own company, Cirque Ici, and a first solo show, Où ça?, which ran for 15 years. He won the Grand Prix National du Cirque in 1996 and the Prix des Arts du Cirque SACD in 2005.

In 2002, he embarked on the project Attraction, a research project that looks into balance, form, points of view, movement, and impermanence. Attraction smashes traditional circus disciplines to pieces. It revolves around a ring show (Secret), installations (La Motte and Les Imperceptibles Sculptures en MouvementLes ArchitexturesLes Imaginographes), and a performed conference (Le Pas Grand Chose, created in 2017). 

In 2013, he created La Déferlante for the Espace Chapiteau at La Villette in Paris, a long-term piece that joins the monumental work of Attraction. Since 2011, Johann Le Guillerm has been supported and welcomed as a resident artist by the Mairie de Paris at the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropicale.

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