• Gandini Juggling

    United Kingdom

    Theater and juggling

  • 1h
    Ages 10 and up


From 18€ to 25€

Smashed © Ludovic des Cognets
Smashed © Claudine Quinn
Smashed © Christophe Chaumanet
Smashed © Ludovic des Cognets
Smashed © Claudine Quinn
Smashed © Ludovic des Cognets
Smashed © Claudine Quinn



Marrying the finesse of juggling with the precision of theatrical expression, Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Sean Gandini have created a performance that honors  the dance-theater of Pina Bausch. Framed as an antique photograph that comes to life before the audience, Smashed evokes war, the complexity of human relationships, lost loves, and bygone innocence…and all of this around the old-fashioned but unanimously revered British cup of tea!

Nine empty chairs sit in a row for nine jugglers who will offer the audience a vision of a subjective world that is shaped by emotions that range from the hilarious to the violent. This contemporary circus experience uses traditional juggling techniques to question conventions and notions of propriety. Funny and graceful, sweet and salty, tender and crisp, this “ballet of apples” is delicious in its expert mix of creativity and dexterity. Nine jugglers, 80 apples, four tea sets…the Gandinis’ teatime is a courageous performance that exudes yearning for the forbidden fruit.

With Sean Gandini, Tedros Girmaye, Doreen Grossman, Antoni Klemm, Owen Reynolds, Iñaki Fernandez Sastre, Arron Sparks, Jose Triguero Delgado, Cecilia Zuchetti
Artistic direction 
Sean Gandini with assistance from Kati Ylä-Hokkala
John-Paul Zaccarini
Light design 
Mark Jonathan
Guy Dickens

Coproduction with the National Theatre as part of the Watch This Space Festival, London – La Brèche Pôle National des Arts du Cirque (Cherbourg)
Support from Arts Council England



“[A show] with oddball British humor and juggling talent of the highest form.” Ouest France

“A wacky and perky show..."
“This is an exciting, funny, and graceful juggling show of the highest quality, and one with rare technical prowess.” La Savoie

"For an hour, the nine jugglers engage each other with skill and dexterity, all while evoking the unique atmosphere of Pina Bausch’s ballets.” La Provence

Gandini Juggling celebrates juggling in all its facets, exploring not just what juggling is, but what juggling can be. Currently an ever-evolving ensemble made up of a virtuosic core group of jugglers, they regularly expand to include up to 20 performers for specially commissioned events and performances.

Ferociously prolific, they are constantly creating new works, which range from radical art/juggling fusions to accessible theatrical performances, from choreographic studies to commercially commissioned routines.  

Since their inception the Gandinis have performed over 5,000 shows in 50 countries. They continue to perform at many of the world’s most prestigious festivals and venues throughout the world.

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