Sous la Toile de Jheronimus création

  • Les Colporteurs


    [ BIAC Selection ] Wire, Washington Trapeze, Chinese Mast, Burlesque, Acrobatics, Dance

  • 1h15
    Ages 6 and up
    Under the big top

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Make a reservation TARIFS /Plein : 22 € / réduit : 17 € / enfants -12 ans : 12 € Réduit (sur justificatif de - de 3 mois) : demandeurs d’emploi, RSA, étudiants, - de 25 ansCarte l’Attitude Provence acceptée Découvrir tous LES PASSOuverture du site 1h avant le début du 1er spectacleBUS n°83 arrêt La Plage + Bus de nuit n°583METRO Rond-Point du Prado puis bus n°19 arrêt La PlageVELO station Promenade Pompidou David, Prado Borély ou Mendès France Huveaune.Pensez au co-voiturage !

© Guillaume De Smedt
© Guillaume De Smedt
© Guillaume De Smedt
© Michel Grignon
© Guillaume De Smedt
© JP Estournet


Sous la Toile de Jheronimus is a visual, theatrical, and musical wander through the triptych of Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights. Between poetry, grotesque humor, and high leaps, the show opens up and explores the strange scenes imagined by the painter. With digital lighting and images, the performers evolve in a fantasy that erupts with temptation, voluptuousness, and diabolical chaos. The surrealist manner in which the Colporteurs interpret the world painted by Hieronymus Bosch invites the audience to consider their own values and reflect on the state of the world.

Concept, Direction, Dramaturgy, Set Design: Antoine Rigot in collaboration with Alice Ronfard
Artistic Counsel: Agathe Olivier
Direction Assistant: Claire Baury
Technical design and Set Installation: Nicolas Legendre in collaboration with Max Heraud
Musical Composition: Antoine Berland, Coline Rigot
Lighting Design: Mariam Rency and Olivier Duris
Video Creation: Mariam Rency
Costume and Accessory Design: Hanna Sjodin, Frédéricka Hayter
Constructions: Jean-Christophe Caumes, Max Heraud, Sylvain Vassas Cherel
Administration/Production: Fanny Dupasquier
Production/Distribution: Sébastien Lhommeau
Circus Artists: Orianne Bernard, Gilles Charles Messance, Anatole Couëty, Julien Lambert, Lisa Lou Oedegaard, Agathe Olivier
Musicians: Antoine Berland, Coline Rigot
On Tour:
Technical Direction:  Nicolas Legendre
Sound Technician: Stéphane Mara
Lighting Technician: Olivier Duris
Stage Manager: Max Heraud

“Over the last 20 years, Antoine Rigot has, along with his partner Agathe Olivier, revolutionized tightrope acrobatics. He has created out of this discipline a whole new language in which feelings and emotions are expressed with a strength that never excludes finesse or humor." – La Croix 

Agathe Olivier and Antoine Rigot founded the company Les Colporteurs in 1996. Their first creation, Filao, was inspired by the Italo Calvino novel The Baron in the Trees. In 1999, the team partnered with Les Nouveaux Nez in the Ardèche to begin work on what would become La Cascade, the Pôle National des Arts du Cirque that opened in 2008. However, before that, in 2000, Antoine had a serious accident that prevented him from ever walking on the high wire again, but that led him to commit to directing. From then on, the collaborations and creations continued to flow (Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Joël Pommerat, Cirque du Soleil).

With Le Fil Sous la Neige, which was created in 2006, Antoine and Agathe offered a performance that is entirely dedicated to the high wire, a poetic evocation of the challenges that punctuate existence. The show enjoyed great success with audiences, both in France as well as abroad. Starting 2007, with their creation "L’Étoile" – a structure comprised of three self-extended wires – they imagined new pieces for the public: Hautes Pointures, Sur la Route, Le Chas du Violon and Évohé. Le Bal des Intouchables, created in 2012, explores the fragility of human relationships, difference, and exclusion... The company's new creation, Sous la Toile de Jheronimus, will premiere at the Biennale.

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