TAF (Tout A Faire) création

  • Compagnie Les Hommes de Mains


    Acrobatic dance, hand to hand balancing, clown contortion

  • 1h
    Ages 10 and up
© Gaëlle Simon
© Gaëlle Simon
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To live without joy, without pleasure, without community, is a heresy.

Yet people can quite naturally settle down to dull, sad, or sometimes destructive professional lives. Finding one's place in this world seems complex, the process can devour our dreams and confidence. This is why questions are raised about this realm that encompasses professional coaches, suffering in the workplace, people who are hard hit by burnout, and those who are fulfilled by what they do.

What if we asked ourselves these questions together and collectively imagined a new world of possibilities?

In this minimalist space, five circus artists, as atypical as they are talented, tackle the delicate subject of our relationship to work.

Against this dark canvas, these acrobats become beacons of light. Sometimes with deep insight, sometimes with humor, they express the intricacy of social relationships and the ambiguity of professional situations.

TAF (Tout A Faire) [JOB Everything to Do] is built like a question-and-answer game and becomes an impressionist painting where the reality of individual witnesses blends with the beauty of the circus. A new creation at the frontiers of multiple genres that invites us to question ourselves and, perhaps, to find fresh inspiration.

Author and director Joris Frigerio
Assistant director Marine Larat
Circus artists Matthieu Bethys, Ismaël Fernández Grabalosa, Rémy Ingrassia, Coline Mercier, Sonja Zantedeschi
Theatrical consultant Jean-Michel Guy
Choreography consultant Gabrielle Martin
Clown oversight Vanessa Banzo
Light design Antoine Benner
Sound design Samuel Sérandour
Video Joris Frigerio
Scenography Jean-Luc Tourné
Props Atelier du Théâtre National de Nice
Costumes Elisa Octo
Witness testimonies Brigitte, Dominique, Elise & Christophe, Naybe

Production Les Hommes de Mains
Coproduction Archaos national circus center in Marseille / Espace Nova in Velaux / Théâtre National de Nice, CDN Nice Côte d’Azur / Pôle Nice Théâtre Arts Vivants in Nice
Residencies Archaos national circus center in Marseille / Espace Nova in Velaux / Théâtre de Fontblanche in Vitrolles / Théâtre Françis Gag in Nice, Théâtre National de Nice, CDN Nice Côte d’Azur in Nice
Sponsorship Passionnément TNN
Support Direction Régionale des Affaires Régionales PACA, Region Sud, / Alpes-Maritimes Department / City of Nice

"This surprising cross between circus and documentary theater gives a new meaning to the mastery of the body, which imposes itself as a means of resistance within a disembodied society."

– Zibeline

"A true sensory painting that encourages the audience to let go of reality and the superficial reflections it provokes, to be truly transported."

– Le Velauxien 

Joris Frigerio and Matthieu Renevret are a hand-to-hand balancing duo that trained at the CNAC national circus arts center and then created their company in 2010. Joris, a circus artist who took his first steps in a theater, conceives the performance. Beyond the hand-to-hand balancing, they are men and women who do not hesitate to plunge themselves into creation. They are on a quest for emotion, meaning, and pleasure. These movement artists have a wide range of talents, but their hearts beat to the rhythm of the circus. A circus that flirts with documentary, dance, theater, digital arts, and electronic music... All of this will offer the dark canvases of their creation sparks of humor and light as they investigate our intimate questions with authenticity, truthfulness, and poetry.