• Compagnie les Hommes De Mains


    Acrobatic dance, hand-to-hand balancing, contortion

  • 1h
    Ages 10 and up
© Joris Frigerio


In a minimalist space, five circus artists that are as unconventional as they are talented question our relationship to work. Living without joy, pleasure, and community is a heresy, yet our professional lives are sometimes dull, sometimes even sad or destructive. This show, built as a question-and-answer game, becomes an impressionist painting where the reality of the testimonials collides with the beauty of the circus. This creation is at the frontier of multiple disciplines and invites us to question ourselves and to refresh our outlook.

Author and director Joris Frigerio
Assistant director Marine Larat
Circus artists Matthieu Bethys, Rémy Ingrassia, Coline Mercier, Zoé Mugica Ballanger, and Augustin Mugica
Staging assistance Jean-Michel Guy
Light design Antoine Benner
Sound design Samuel Sérandour and Léo Wassmer
Video Joris Frigerio
Scenography Jean-Luc Tourné
Set design Atelier du Théâtre National de Nice
Costumes Elisa Octo
Testimonials Benjamin, Birta, Brigitte, Catherine, Dominique, Élise & Christophe, Éric, Magali and Naybe
Lighting director Antoine Benner
General Manager Léo Wassmer


Production Compagnie Les Hommes de Mains Coproducers ARCHAOS national circus center in Marseille / Espace Nova - Velaux / Théâtre National de Nice, CDN Nice Côte d'Azur / Pôle Nice Théâtre Arts Vivants - Nice Residencies ARCHAOS / Espace Nova / Théâtre de Fontblanche - Vitrolles / Théâtre Françis Gag - Nice / Théâtre National de Nice, CDN Nice Côte d'Azur  Sponsors Passionnément TNN - Benjamin Mondou Support Direction DRAC PACA / Région SUD

"This cross between circus and documentary theater offers surprises and gives a new meaning to the mastery of the body, which is established as a means of resisting a disembodied society."

– Zibeline

Created in 2010 by a duo of hand-to-hand balancers trained at the CNAC national circus arts center, the company's primary focus is the quest for emotion, meaning, and pleasure. It proposes a form of circus that flirts with documentary, theater, digital arts, and other domains… All of this gives these dark yet humorous creations the capacity to explore our intimate and profound questions with authenticity, integrity, and poetry.

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