The Château de la Buzine is in the movies

  • France


  • Ages 3 and up
  • Movie
La Strada by Federico Fellini © DR
The Circus by Charlie Chaplin © DR
Chocolat by Roschdy Zem © DR
Wings of desire by Wim Wenders © DR
The greatest showman by Michael Gracey © DR
Freaks by Tod Browning © DR
Dumbo © DR
Madagascar 3 © DR
Open Season 3 © DR
Quel cirque! by Pojar, Zeman, Ostrcil © DR


Throughout the BIAC, there will be a cinema program inspired by the circus that will be shown in the beautiful setting of the Château de la Buzine in Marseille.

There are many common points and connections between the circus and the cinema. Slapstick comedy and burlesque, in particular, emerged from circus and music hall traditions. Indeed, Chaplin, Laurel, Keaton, Tati, and many others can trace their roots to the circus. Movies were also first shown in fairgrounds, just like circus performances.

Color, movement, spectacle, danger, risk-taking, madness, beauty, passions… The cinema and the circus play out on the same emotional landscape.

Please check back for the list of films and to see which films will be shown with English subtitles.